Maria Sharapova’s Journey Beyond Tennis Retirement

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Maria Sharapova: Life After Tennis

At just 18 years old, Maria Sharapova became the world number 1 in tennis in August of 2005. She went on to achieve a series of successes in the sport, winning five Grand Slam tournaments in a decade and a total of 36 titles, taking her to the top of her competition. However, in 2020, Sharapova announced her retirement from professional tennis. So, what has she been up to since leaving the courts?

Businesswoman and Investor

Sharapova became a successful businesswoman and investor before and after retiring from tennis. She launched her Sugarpova confectionery brand in 2012, invested in the Supergoop sunscreen brand in 2014, and invested in several companies including Therabody, Moonpay, and Clio Snacks. She also became a consultant for Naked Retail and Bright brands.

Speaker and Mentor

Sharapova became a mentor for women entrepreneurs and athletes, sharing her experiences with doubt and judgment and encouraging others to believe in themselves. “I’m new to this, so forgive me. Tennis: I’m saying goodbye. But as I embark on my next chapter, I want anyone who dreams of excelling at anything to know that doubt and judgment are inevitable. It will fail hundreds of times and the world will watch. Accept it. Believe in yourself. I promise you that you will prevail”, said Sharapova in a Vanity Fair article.

Love Life and Family

In December of 2020, Sharapova announced her engagement to British businessman Alexander Gilkes. In July of 2022, the couple welcomed their first child. Sharapova often shares photos of her family outings and travels on her social media.

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New Look and Enjoying Life

Maria Sharapova has undergone a transformation since leaving tennis, including dying her blonde hair a darker color. She shares photos of her new look and her day-to-day life, enjoying walks outdoors, and exploring new places. Notably, Sharapova remains active on social media and seems to be enjoying her time to the fullest, surrounded by her family and pursuing new interests.

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