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María Sorté: The Talented Actress behind Amanda in Vencer la culpa

María Sorté: The Actress Behind Amanda in “Vencer la Culpa”

María Sorté is the talented actress who portrays Amanda in the TelevisaUnivision telenovela, “Vencer la Culpa,” which premiered on Las Estrellas on June 26, 2023. In the series, Sorté’s character is a woman who takes a stand against her husband’s abuse. If you want to know more about this remarkable actress, read on as we delve into the details of her biography and career.

It’s worth noting that “Vencer la Culpa” boasts an exceptional cast, including Claudia Martín, Gabriela de la Garza, and Romina Poza. Additionally, the show incorporates artificial intelligence as part of its storyline. Over 80 episodes, the fictional narrative explores the interwoven lives of four women striving to overcome the guilt they carry.

Now, let’s uncover more about one of the show’s leading figures.

1. Who is María Sorté?

María Sorté is a renowned Mexican actress who has made a name for herself in film, theater, and television. She made her artistic debut in 1974 and has since captivated audiences with notable roles in soap operas such as “Diseñando tu Amor” and “Qué te Perdone Dios,” as well as in the film “El Barrendero” by Mario Moreno “Cantinflas.”

2. María Sorté Data Sheet

– Full name: María Harfuch Hidalgo
– Date of birth: May 11, 1955
– Age: 68 years old
– Place of birth: Camargo, México
– Zodiac sign: Taurus
– Parents: Celia Hidalgo and José Harfuch Stefano
– Children: 2
– Occupation: Actress and singer
– Instagram: @_mariasorteoficial_

3. Where did María Sorté Study?

Sorté faced some challenges during her childhood, which initially led her to consider pursuing a career as a teacher or a doctor. However, her life took a different path when she gained admission to the Andrés Soler Acting Academy. She decided to pursue her professional training at this institution, ultimately shaping her acting career.

4. Why doesn’t María Sorté Use Her Real Name?

Although María Sorté’s real name is María Harfuch Hidalgo, she opted for a stage name based on the suggestion of a director. Originally, she intended to use the name Sorte, but the press highlighted the word, leading her to embrace it as her stage identity.

5. She is Also a Singer

In addition to her acting pursuits, María Sorté is also a talented singer. From 1984 to 2000, she released a total of 11 albums. Some of her most popular songs include “Wait for me one night” and “Conquístame.”

6. The Children of María Sorté

In 1976, Sorté married politician Javier García Paniagua, who served as the president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). They have two children together, Adrián and Omar García Harfuch.

7. Why is María Sorté Known as “The Mother-in-Law of Mexico”?

María Sorté earned the nickname “The Mother-in-Law of Mexico” due to the popularity of her son, Omar, who gained a substantial following on social media as a politician. Fans affectionately used this term to refer to Sorté, and it has since become a permanent moniker. She takes it with a good sense of humor.

8. María Sorté and the Powerful Reason Why She Stayed Away from Telenovelas

Unfortunately, María Sorté had to take a hiatus from her artistic career in June 2020 after her son, Omar, had been attacked while performing his duties as the Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC) in Mexico City. Her role in “Vencer la Culpa” marks her triumphant return to acting.

9. The Acting Career of María Sorté

María Sorté has appeared in numerous telenovelas throughout her career, some of which include:
– “Vencer la Culpa” (2023) as Amanda
– “Designing Your Love” (2021) as Consuelo
– “Single with Daughters” (2019-2020) as Úrsula Pérez
– “Corazón que Miente” (2016) as Carmen Oceguera
– “May God Forgive You” (2015) as Helena Fuentes
– “La Tempestad” (2013) as Beatriz vda. de Reverte
– “Amor Bravío” (2012) as Amanda Jiménez
– “Sea of Love” (2009-2010) as Aurora de Ruiz
– “Love Without Limits” (2006-2007) as Clemencia Huerta
– “Between Love and Hate” (2002) as María Magdalena
– “Sin sin sin Concebido” (2001) as Amparo Ibáñez
– “Pretty Woman” (2001) as Sol
– “El Privilegio de Amar” (1998-1999) as Vivian del Ángel
– “Colorina” (1980) as Mirta
– “Amor Prohibido” (1979-1980)
– “Paloma” (1975) as Anita
– “Mundo de Toy” (1974-1977)

10. Photos of María Sorté

To catch a glimpse of María Sorté’s life, here are a few snapshots she has shared on social media.

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