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Mariah Carey's $13.5M Engagement Rings from 3 Exes Have Identical Cuts

Mariah Carey’s $13.5M Engagement Rings from 3 Exes Have Identical Cuts

Mariah Carey is the queen of glitz and glamour. If you are looking for a star who will reliably step on stage dripping in diamonds, it will be the ‘Hero’ singer herself.

But it isn’t just the mother-of-two’s stage wardrobe that is guaranteed to serve blinding sparkle. The ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ singer, 55, has also been the recipient of three incredible diamond engagement rings during her time in the spotlight.

Unsurprisingly, Mariah’s engagement ring collection is far from modest in aesthetic appeal, but also monetary value. The ‘Emotions’ songstress got engaged to Sony Music giant Tommy Mottola in 1992 after she was catapulted to fame with her 1990 debut album. Prior to their lavish ceremony in Manhattan, the 43-year-old presented a then-23-year-old Mariah with an emerald-cut diamond ring which Nilesh Rakholia, a jewellery expert, estimates to be worth just over $1 million (£800,000).

Jessica Flinn, founder of Jessica Flinn Jewellery, tells us: “Set in platinum and adorned with baguette-cut diamonds, the ring exuded elegance and grandeur, befitting the high profile of their relationship.” She adds that the impressive centre stone is an estimated 10 carats, a lavish symbol of their love.

Set in platinum and adorned with baguette-cut diamonds, the ring exuded elegance and grandeur, befitting the high profile of their relationship.

The most notable of Mariah’s engagements was the 2007 proposal of AGT host Nick Cannon, with whom the star went on to have twin children – Monroe and Moroccan, both 13. After a whirlwind romance, the host of The Nick Cannon Show gave Mariah an emerald-cut pink diamond engagement ring.

Nilesh tells us: “The total carat weight of the ring was 17 carats and included a 10.02-emerald cut pink diamond surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds, with two half-moon diamonds flanking the centre stone.”

It has been reported that the ring was purchased for $2.5 million (£1.9 million) from Jacob & Co. jewellers in New York. Jessica Flinn tells us that the ring is deeply sentimental. “Pink diamonds symbolise love, passion, and creativity, making them an ideal choice for a romantic gesture,” the jewellery expert explains.

“The vibrant pink hue signifies tenderness and affection, providing the ring with a sense of warmth. As a symbol of wealth and status, the ring also represents the grandeur and extravagance associated with Mariah Carey’s lifestyle and career.”

Though Australian billionaire businessman James Packer never ended up marrying the singer with the five-octave vocal range, he certainly made a statement with the ring he chose to propose to her with.

“Mariah’s most recent engagement ring is undoubtedly her most extravagant, featuring an emerald-cut diamond estimated to weigh 35 carats, making it a remarkable spectacle,” Jessica says.

“Emerald-cut diamonds are renowned for their angular shape and trimmed corners, which accentuate their clarity and brilliance. The stone is elegantly set on a simple platinum band, ensuring that the colossal centre stone remains the focal point of the ring.”

Both Nilesh and Jessica appraise the ring to be around $10 million (£8 million), meaning it is among the most expensive celebrity engagement rings of all time.

It is no coincidence that three different men proposed to Mariah with the same cut of diamond. “Emerald cut diamonds are known to symbolise commitment and eternal love. The ring’s shape offers vintage sophistication and is perfect for those who are independent, strong and confident,” Nilesh says.

“With 90,500 monthly searches for ’emerald-cut engagement rings’ the style isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon. The shape is not as favoured as other cuts, making them different and a great stand-out statement piece if you are looking for something unique.”

Source: Hello! Magazine