Mariana Ochoa gives fans hope amid conflict on OV7

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The singer confirms that the meeting between the seven members will happen.

OV7 fans can rest assured. The first step for the members of the pop band to settle their differences will be taken. And it is that after weeks of separate statements where Érika Zaba, Mariana Ochoa, Lidia Ávila, Kalimba and Ari Borovoy gave their version of what was happening between them, they all agreed to talk in private, and no more in front of the cameras.

In the midst of the conflict, Ari called for conciliation with his colleagues and friends.

Everything seems to indicate that the seven are willing to talk.

The details, in the video above.

“Everything is still standing, the series is still standing and as soon as we have more news we will let you know …”, said Mariana Ochoa in an interview with Windowing.

Which yes, it indicated, Ari Borovoy will not appear in any of the episodes.

“… the seven of us do not stop being a family, so now the first stone should be cast by those who have not had a lawsuit within their family, the truth is,” he added.

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