Mariana Ochoa reveals the true origin of the problems in OV7

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The pandemic, the singer pointed out, influenced the plans that OV7 had, changing many things between them.

In February 2020, OV7 surprised their fans by announcing that to celebrate the group’s 30 years they would be going on a tour that would finally put them all on stage together again.

At that time, Kalimba told the press that this plan was something that they had been cooking for a while, but that they had to postpone their work schedules.

No one imagined that after that great news everything would change when in March of that year the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed everyone globally. Of course, the start of the tour could not happen on April 30, as had been announced.

What happened then? Mariana Ochoa believes that this pause led everyone to rethink things.

According to the singer, everyone seemed to be on the same page about moving forward with the tour when things were revived, however, everything changed when the company in charge contacted them to renew the contract they had signed months before. One party decided get off the boat.

Who were? What reasons did they give? The details, in the video above.

“Things are very simple: there is a lack of communication with some of the members. There can be no tour with half of the group that did sign and the other half of the group that did not sign,” said Mariana Ochoa.

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