“Mariano Caprarola Exposes Aníbal Lotocki’s Heinous Acts: ‘He Injected Me with Death’ Reveals Shocking Insider Account”

Mariano Caprarola’s Moving Testimony Against Aníbal Lotocki

In the context of concern for Silvina Luna’s state of health, Mariano Caprarola, who also underwent surgery with Aníbal Lotocki, spoke of his bad experience and the consequences that suffered over the years from the deed.

In his testimony, the fashion producer was very moved and revealed the anger over his situation.

Silvina Luna’s heartbreaking phrase in her autobiographical book: “I think I have X number of months left and I live like this”

Silvina Luna’s Health Becomes a Major Issue

During the last week, the model’s health became one of the main issues on the media agenda and put the surgeon in the eye of the storm.

After developing kidney failure as a result of an aesthetic operation that was performed with the doctor, Luna is hospitalized in a delicate state and is fighting for her life.

In this context, in addition to the requests for her recovery, a petition was filed against Lotocki.

Throughout the days, different people who went through her clinic referred to similar cases in which they paid for the consequences of malpractice.

Silvina Luna is still hospitalized.

Mariano Caprarola’s Experience

One of them was Caprarola, who in 2010 underwent surgery for an operation on his buttocks.

Like Silvina Luna, she developed kidney failure and her health was compromised.

In dialogue with Socios del espectaculo (eltrece), he referred to his case and assured that the doctor has protection from a person he cannot name.

“I cannot say the word ‘murderer’, because that will be ruled by Justice when it is put prisoner; but when Justice puts him behind bars, I’m going to come out and say that he is a murderer. I can’t today,” she began bluntly regarding her opinion of Lotocki.

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Along the same lines, he assured that it is a “very sad moment” and defined Luna as a “great friend”.

Next, he returned to the subject of the doctor and his feelings about him: “I cannot name him. When I name it, it causes such great pain in my soul… I was a guarantor of the clinic I had in Belgrano, imagine the degree of confidence I had”.

The Decision to Have Surgery

On the other hand, she regretted her decision to have surgery, but emphasized the trust she had in Lotocki and the pain her situation caused her: “I did something stupid, for not thinking about the consequences; but you never think that a friend is going to betray you as he betrayed me, that he is going to inject death into you”.

Later, the member of La cage de la moda (Ciudad Magazine) was treated for his health problems and underwent a new operation with plastic surgeon Sergio Rossaroli to remove what Lotocki had injected.

“He is dedicated to extracting methacrylate from the body and during my operation he told me that it was like cutting a plastic bottle. That’s what I had inside,” he said.

Protection and Consequences

About the end of the dialogue, he stated that the doctor has strong protection: “If I say who is his protection, I end up dead in a ditch. As long as they continue to protect them, there are two sons of p…”.

Finally, she clarified that after discovering the health problems, she did not speak to Lotocki again.

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