Maricarmen Marín answered the questions of her followers and revealed if she plans to have another baby

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The singer and host of “Women in command”, Maricarmen Marin, surprised her followers by revealing little known details of her pregnancy such as: the moment she found out she was going to be a mother and even if she plans to have another baby.

Through her official Instagram account, the Latina Televisión morning host answered some questions from her followers, who celebrated her pregnancy and asked her several questions about it.

“One Saturday when we were doing a live program of ‘Yo Soy Perú’ I felt bad, with my body cut. I got scared and took a COVID-19 test and said: ‘just in case I get a pregnancy test’ “Marín pointed out.

“Super planned archi … Born in December, it seems like the first fortnight, but we still don’t have an exact date (for the arrival of your baby) “added the interpreter of “La Copita” in her answers.

On the other hand, Maricarmen Marín also confessed that after giving birth to her baby, she will move away from television to enjoy her motherhood. He also responded to a follower who asked if he will have another baby.

“That’s how it is. (I’ll walk away) as long as it takes. All my life I planned this moment so I want to be calm, enjoy my baby, my family, Sebas (Sebastián Martins) and enjoying all the beauty of this new experience, he specified.

“I am in the process of the first and they already ask me if there is going to be a second. The truth is that how I am going I am surprised. If that were the case, I would always have no problem”, added.

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