Mariella Zanetti on reconciliation between Sofía Franco and Álvaro Paz de la Barra: “It’s a time bomb” | VIDEO

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Mariella Zanetti He expressed his opinion on the recent statements of Álvaro Paz de la Barra, who confirmed his reconciliation with Sofía Franco despite the allegations of family violence they have faced.

“Everyone at some point in our lives has gone through a toxic relationship because no one has experience, because sometimes you cling to someone, who you think you love, but those experiences make you mature and reflect on a situation”, Said Mariella in the recent broadcast of“ América Hoy ”.

The comic actress considered that a toxic relationship cannot be made healthy, “I think it is a time bomb.”

“Me neither, I think that the mistakes you have made are going to come out again at some point, that it will not allow you to move on”, added Christian Domínguez. “Especially because there has already been an act of family violence, we all saw it, all of Peru. They have a child involved, do they give themselves the opportunity for the child? I don’t know ah ”, questioned for his part ‘Choca’ Mandros.

Given this, Zanetti said that a child should not be a reason to resume a relationship that is cracked.

They are public people, their personal life is exposed to a media situation, but how many people in their house fight, make friends, I particularly feel that neither one child nor two nor three nor 50 children you may have, nor the whole family that is involved, it should be a reason for you to continue a relationship that has already been hurt too much ”, sentenced.

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