Mariella Zanetti receives an award as ‘the cold of the year’ for not crying over Melissa’s breakup and ‘El gato’ Cuba (VIDEO)

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The television host and actress, Mariella Zanetti was awarded as ‘The cold of the year’ in the program ‘América hoy’ due to her reaction to the separation between Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba.

In the shortlist was the television host Johanna San Miguel and the influencer and ex-police officer Jossmery Toledo. For Janet Barboza it was fair that Mariella Zanetti win and Ethel Pozo agreed.

I was crying (for Melissa Paredes) and she came in and said: ‘No one has died here’“Pozo pointed out, amazed by the attitude of the comic actress. While Barboza pointed out: “My dear Ethel had already shed two liters of tears when Mariella enters and says that phrase”.

The winner came to the program to receive her award and defended her reaction to the notorious separation between Melissa and Rodrigo, which occurred after an ampay broadcast on the journalist Magaly Medina’s program.

Until now I don’t know why you were crying, no one had died … Nothing lasts forever. If you think that everything is going to last forever, go assembling (your tears)“Zanetti pointed out when he was admitted.

Outside of jokes I learned something with life, with time and experiences that one cannot waste time crying because things are going to end, they ended or because it did not happen (a relationship), you simply have to accept the situation and learn to ask for forgiveness and to forgive. Above all, we must learn not to judge and less to insult, do not rant their hatred for the networks because behind a person who reads those comments there is a mother and family who suffer because of that“Reflected the actress.

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