Marina Mora on her request for a hand: “I told her: ‘Yes love, let’s get married'”

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The beauty businesswoman, Marina Mora He told all the details of his proposal in a funny interview for the Saturday program ‘You are in all’.

Marina has a relationship with her boyfriend in Alejandro Valenzuela, who six months ago, in the midst of a pandemic, asked her for her hand at a romantic dinner.

Alejandro is a man of detail … One day he tells me: ‘Marina, I see you stressed, let’s relax, it’s time for us to go out, we go to a restaurant, I invite you to dinner.’ I told him it has to be a safe place (because of the pandemic) because I have my big potatoes”Warned Mariana.

I went out with jeans, a little more with a diver, without makeup, totally relaxed. He sees me and says: ‘Marina like this, you are not going to go, we are going to go to a very nice restaurant, we are going to be dressed up.’ Before entering he told me: Before entering the restaurant he told me: ‘Marina I want to talk to you’ we went to a gondola, which had turned on lights, had made its production ‘. Not even here. He took out the box and everything was falling out nicely and he said: ‘Marina I want us to get married, would you like to be my wife? And I said: ‘yes love don’t be nervous, let’s get married’”, She said excitedly.

Mora said that she put some conditions on her to marry her boyfriend. She also revealed that her wedding will be small only with the presence of her family and her boyfriend. And she has plans to get pregnant.

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It is planned for the moment to happen (to get pregnant)“Said Mariana, who added that she would love to have three children, but it is likely that she only has two children.

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