Mario Golf: Super Rush is updated for free today with a new game mode, another character and more

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Mario Golf: Super Rush you will receive a free update today, August 5, 2021. And it has been confirmed that this will add Toadette as a playable character, the new Ranked Match mode, the New Donk City field, and improved motion controls.

The update has been announced via Twitter, and in a short video that serves as a preview, Toadette and her peak are shown playing golf and running through New Donk City (setting of Super Mario Odyssey), throwing turnips and causing all kinds of mayhem for your opponents.

Nintendo too shared some pictures of the new Ranked Match mode, and appears to include a letter grade to indicate your rank along with cute bird medals at different stages of his life. Also, there seems to be a world-ranking statistic, other than that Achieving an A grade will allow you to choose Yoshi’s color when selecting a character.

It was also confirmed that there will be more updates later this year, so fans can expect even more content to be added to Mario’s latest golf adventure.

In our review of Mario Golf: Super Rush, we said that the game “it is a good return, very fun and fulfilling for the game with friends and the online competition. It’s a shame that he is a bit dull alone, with a story mode that is nothing short of compliant. “.

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If you haven’t gotten hold of the game yet and you are interested in knowing what all its content is (before this update), this article can give you a good idea of ​​what it has to offer right now. In the we review the list of all its characters and game modes.

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