Mario Irivarren after Vania Bludau’s trip to Europe: “Sad and abandoned” | VIDEO

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Mario irivarren He told through his social networks that he temporarily separated from Vania BludauWell, she traveled to Europe for a while.

In their stories of Instagram, Irivarren is seen expressing all his affection to his partner in his farewell and joked that they had ended the relationship.

“The moment of farewell. It looks. We are finished, he is going back to Miami. Lie, he is going to Europe “he commented. “It leaves me here alone sad and abandoned”, he sentenced before his camera.

It should be noted that Mario Irivarren and Vania Bludau They began a relationship in December 2020. Since then they have constantly traveled dividing between Lima and Miami (United States).

On one occasion Bludau was consulted by the cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” about her constant travels. “As I do? Look at my social networks, then. I work a lot with brands in my networks “, he pointed.

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