Marisol assures that Yahaira Plasencia does have a talent for singing: “You don’t have to take away the credit”

Marisol, popularly known as the ‘Faraona de la cumbia’, defended Yahaira Plasencia from the criticism she has received so far for using playback in her presentation of the 2021 Heat Awards.

“Sometimes it’s better to show up lip-synching when you don’t have the backing of your musicians and be sure that everything is going to be fine. And she has traveled alone, so I do not see it badly, the important thing is to make a good presentation “, commented to the Trome newspaper.

The interpreter of “La escobita” considers that the salsa singer does have a talent for singing, and she also asked that her effort not be detracted from her efforts.

“For me, she does sing. That she doesn’t have the voice that everyone wants is something else, but the girl sings. You don’t take any credit for it and you strive to do your job better every day. They have even criticized her for the dress she wore, but no one knows everything that happened to her. It seems incredible to see so much criticism, so much hatred that they have her as if she had done something to people ”, He said.

The cumbia singer considers Plasencia her friend and assures that many people criticize without knowing everything that is behind each artist.

“I know Yahaira, she is my friend, I love her very much, I know how she has been working and about her achievements, and people often do not know everything behind the artist. I am angry at all the criticisms they make, because instead of supporting our talents we destroy them”, He specified.

“I see that they want to destroy it, we are experiencing a pandemic and it seems that we have not learned anything, when we should change and improve. I love her and I always try to advise her, I am happy for her achievements because she adds us all ”he added.

On the other hand, the Peruvian interpreter told how she felt after returning to the stage after a year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

“It has been very emotional to return to a stage after almost a year and a half, of feeling the affection of the public and being accompanied by my musicians. I almost cried and I did it in the city of Huaral, to whom I owe a lot in my career because there I started and they gave me their support to grow, to travel the country and part of the world ”, commented.

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