Mark Hamill revealed an incredible Star Wars secret

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Star Wars, perhaps the mother of all the sagas, is about to turn 45 years from her birth. The universe to which George Lucas gave life to him in the 70’s is one of the most fans has throughout the world, which today can be enjoyed in Disney+. Although it seems that in all this time all the stories of the birth of the franchise have been told, Mark Hamill he still has a few aces up his sleeve.

The actor who gave life to Luke Skywalker in almost all the movies of Star Wars (And even had a cameo in The Mandalorian!) is one of the most active shows on the networks and with more pride he talks about the saga. This week he shared the images of a remembered sequence of The Empire Strikes Back, the 1980 tape and gave details of how it was made. “On camera: everything perfect”, the actor began before explaining what had happened.

Mark Hamill, completely focused on the scene. (Mark Hamill)

Apparently the scene from Star Wars he was going to resort to the use of a false head. Nevertheless, Mark Hamill He told that it was “dissatisfied” with the way he looked and decided to take matters into his own hands. “We re-shot the whole scene putting my head inside the helmet from below the stage”the actor explained.

As he recalled, the part “more difficult” when taking this shot from scratch it was “Not blink or tear while releasing the smoke on my face”. At the end of the anecdote, the Star Wars actor said he was a “Slave of my art”, in a post that exceeded 600 thousand likes, with almost two thousand comments among all his fans.

star wars mark hamill luke skywalker the empire strikes back

The happy face says it all. (Mark Hamill)

The surprising cameo in the Mandalorian

The end of the second season of The Mandalorian showed an unexpected revelation for Star Wars fans. While the timeline implied that Luke Skywalker was still alive in the events of the series, none would have expected that Mark Hamill was present, since his character was much younger than him at that time.

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However, thanks to the magic of cinema and the work of VFx, Mark Hamill was able to be present in the second season of The Mandalorian and take with him Yellow. Apparently, Luke will become the new teacher of this little being who is part of the same race as Yoda. While it is not known what will happen with said story, what is known is that fans will be able to know the secrets behind said scene. On August 25, a special called Disney Gallery, which can be seen on the company’s streaming platform, Disney+.

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