Marlon publishes the video clip of ‘De perreo’ with the participation of Dulceida

Marlon presented last Friday the video clip for ‘De perreo’, his most recent single. After the success of his new album, released in October, this song also promised to be a success, even before it was released, becoming even the most anticipated song by its fans.

‘De perreo’ saw the light last Friday, November 19. A song that, as expected, is having an overwhelming success both on YouTube and on streaming platforms. A success for which ‘De perreo’ deserved a video clip as special as the song itself.

For this, the Asturian group formed by Adri, Juanin and Jorge has counted on Dulceida, the most international Spanish businesswoman and influencer, as the star of the video clip for her new single.

Before launch, the members of the band shared a small teaser of the video clip, in which Aida Domenech (Dulceida) invited them to a housewarming party. From that moment the video clip begins.

A highly anticipated video clip, because the audio of the song itself already accumulated more than 200,000 reproductions in YouTube, which after its launch, has not taken long to reach the list of the platform’s musical trends.

At, the artists celebrate a party, accompanied by Dulceida, the great host of the event, and other highly recognized influencers and instagramers from our country. A video clip at the height of the song, full of the good vibes that ‘De perreo’ transmits from beginning to end.

In this project, Marlon has not only had the participation of Dulceida, but also with the collaboration of other influencers such as Madame de Rosa. Between all of them, plus all the work of the team behind, make this video one of the most special of the group to date.

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