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Married At First Sight Season 10: Where Is the Cast Now?

Season 10 of “Married at First Sight” has concluded, and the five D.C.-area couples have decided whether to stay married or divorce. After being matched by relationship gurus Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Cal Roberson, and Dr. Viviana Coles, they met as strangers at the aisle two months ago. Following that, the couple went on their honeymoon, moved in together, and merged their lives.

It wasn’t an easy road: two of the couples split up before the final choice. Exes were brought into the scene. Best pals turned on one another. There were lies told. Instagram was used to broadcast emotions. There were even squabbles among the production crew. 

Lifetime will air a “where are they now” special next week to update viewers on what has happened in the five months since that fateful night. On Decision Day, here’s how each of the couples fared.

Zach Justice (32) & Mindy Shiben (34)

This marriage might as well not have taken place at all. Zach was hesitant to totally commit to the relationship from the outset. After their wedding vows were exchanged, he didn’t move in with Mindy and refused to spend off-camera time with her. Zach’s lack of commitment and disloyalty were eventually exposed by Mindy. He made hidden phone calls and texts to her best friend, which she discovered. It had been a long time since they had seen each other since their breakup.

 Zach expressed regret and stated that she had not entered this marriage for the sake of appearing on television. He told his ex, “I believe you came into my life for a reason.” “I believe that separating from Zach was the best decision I could have made,” Mindy stated. “I’ve felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders since that day.”This mismatched MAFS marriage was clearly doomed to fail, and they didn’t make it to Decision Day. Viewers of MAFS wonder if Zach joined the show just for the sake of becoming famous.

Brandon Reid(34)and Taylor Dunklin (27)

Brandon had a hard time keeping his cool right from the outset. He swore to mend his ways after blowing out on Taylor, the other couples, and the production team on their honeymoon. He despised the fact that his wife was a social media celebrity, particularly when she took to Instagram to complain that no men met her expectations and pretended to be single. Brandon believed Taylor was only in their marriage for the sake of popularity.

They broke up then reconnected, only for Brandon to lash out at Taylor and the filming crew once more. He refused to be recorded for the rest of the series and told Taylor that once the cameras were gone, he would act differently. Brandon startled Taylor by coming up on Decision Day. He battled with the experts over his obnoxious demeanor, which he claims stemmed from the fact that taping the show made him late for work. “This show has been on for ten seasons, and I’ve been on for seven,” Pastor Cal said.

 “We have never prevented someone from turning up for work.” Taylor had had enough of his antics. “With everything that has happened, it may not be the best for us to continue,” she added, requesting a divorce. Brandon got up from his chair and walked out, saying, “I’m over it.” “I’m done with it all.”

Jessica Studer (31) & Austin Hurd (31)

Jessica and Austin had the smoothest relationship of all the couples on this season of MAFS from the start. They took their time getting used to each other and married life in general. When Jessica began her regular tidying rituals, though, stress entered the relationship, and Austin’s approach was a little more relaxed (okay, messy). Because of Jessica’s neat-freak habits, Austin’s work schedule includes a lot of travel. This seemed to be a silent godsend. Tensions rose, though, when she didn’t understand he’d be gone for more than half the month on business.

Jessica was able to open up and tell Austin that she loved him once they worked through those obstacles. The same phrases did not flow as freely from his mouth, which alarmed Jessica. Before commitment day, he was able to speak those words, and the two MAFS stars agreed to stay together.

Derek Sherman( 26) and Katie Conrad(25)

Derek had never been in love before, which disturbed Katie, who was a romantic. Though they rapidly became friends, their spark dimmed as their differences became clear. Katie, a realist, was concerned that Derek would never love her. She was concerned that their relationship was deteriorating into a friendship. Derek’s immaturity was also a problem for her: his incessant daydreaming and fanciful plans for the future — as well as his fart jokes — made her want for someone more mature. 

Derek didn’t feel supported by his wife, who would frequently chastise him for failing to reach her standards. The experts quickly reminded the young couple that passion may blossom, especially once the show’s pressure is removed. Derek informed his wife, “I want to stay married to you because I believe I can fall in love with you.” Katie responded, “Part of me feels like my heart isn’t in it.” “However, I’m not ready to give up just yet, so I’d like to remain married.” After deciding to stay together, they signed a one-year lease.

Meka Jones (25) and Michael Watson(31)

Michael had been lying to Meka about his employment, teaching yoga, and pay throughout their marriage. Meka became enraged because she didn’t trust him and was afraid to be vulnerable in front of her. When Michael’s family member died, Meka was cold and uncaring, which worried him. They were both unsure of their standing going into decision day. Separation was viewed as a loss by both couples. “It’ll be the worst failure I’ve ever had in my life if we get divorced,” Meka stated.

Michael was asked by the experts to consider how severe his lies were and how they affected his marriage. Finally, he accepted responsibility for his actions and stopped making excuses. Meka, on the other hand, was too late. “There’s been a lot of dishonesty… “I still don’t know who my husband is,” she said to the specialists. “As a result, I’m seeking a divorce.” “I don’t believe in divorce,” Michael said. “It’s disheartening.”

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