‘Married at First Sight’ Season 11: Who is Still Together?

Married At First Sight Season 11

Season 11 of Lifetime’s experimental series, Married at First Sight, was unlike any other season in the franchise before it. With their newlywed partners, the five couples from New Orleans made their way through the first months of COVID-19.

“Married At First Sight Season 11’s” couples had to wait four months to decide whether or not to remain married, as opposed to the usual eight-week delay due to quarantine and other constraints imposed by the epidemic.

Which of the couples from Season 11 of Married at First Sight are still together? We have the inside scoop on what happened on Decision Day, and you will not believe who opted to stay married before the reunion special.

Couple’s NameStatus
Amelia Fatsi and Bennett KirschnerSeparated
Amani & Woody RandallMarried
Miles and KarenTogether
Brett Lindsey and Olivia CornuSeparated
Christina and HenryDivorced

Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner

Virginia is where the pair is now residing. Even though they’ve been apart, they’re still together and in love. The illness and the vaccination have dominated Amelia’s social media posts, something she doesn’t do very often. Bennett has developed a deep concern for the natural world.

Married at First Sight' star Bennett Kirschner reveals what happened when  he'd previously met Amelia Fatsi

He’s been blogging a lot on solar power lately. The pair has successfully relocated to a new city and seems highly content with each other. One of the few couples that remain together after the programme is this one. With all of the turmoil in the show’s most recent season, the tiny dose of romance is much appreciated by the audience.

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Amani & Woody Randall

At first glance, it seemed like Amani and Woody were meant to be. Experts correctly matched these two up. After only a few minutes of conversation, Amani and Woody were instantly attracted to one other.

Married at First Sight': Woody Hits Major Milestone - Amani Asks to Show  Him Love - Screen Legion

It was no surprise that the pair decided to remain married after a year of dating. So many viewers want the team to return as mentors to other couples struggling to make their marriages work in future seasons of the program.

Miles and Karen

Miles and Karen’s decision to stay married was the most stunning part of the finale. The two had some great moments, but they also had many scuffles.

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It has only been in the past three or four weeks that Karen has described feeling a sense of emotional trust and kinship. It’s been rumoured that the two would split up during the reunion, but that hasn’t been verified.

Brett Lindsey and Olivia Cornu

Cats were a big part of the relationship for the couple. Most viewers are baffled by Brett’s decision to join the programme in the first place. Even before the event had ended, this pair had already made up their minds to part ways.

Married at First Sight: Why Fans Think Olivia & Brett Were Always Doomed

The two are no longer friends, and there is no hope of them ever being romantically involved again.

Christina and Henry

Christina wasn’t a fan of Henry’s companions, and he was uncomfortable in front of cameras throughout the experiment. Christina reported that Henry never made her feel liked or welcomed throughout Decision Day.

In his opinion, his wife had several “excuses” as to why their love life was stagnant. Additionally, Henry said that Christina had accused him of cheating on her with a male. Christina refuted this claim. Christina referred to her ex as a “cool person” after their episode together.

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The Season 11 Premiere of ‘Married at First Sight’ had several memorable moments

Here, we’ve outlined all of the main events from the premiere, including the responses of the family and the conduct of the bachelor party.

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Shopping For Gowns

The most theatrical participant, Olivia, had difficulty finding the proper dress until she eventually did, but all of the participants took the time to be fitted. Woody took great care of tuxedo buying because he wanted to appear his best for his future bride. As for Amelia, she was looking for a flouncy gown, so Bennett brought in his brightly colored headpiece for inspiration.

4 Key Moments From the 'Married at First Sight' Season 11 Premiere (RECAP)

Karen’s mother attends her daughter’s dress fitting despite her reservations, and Miles explains that he wants his wife to fall in love with him at first sight when she sees him in his tux. Henry’s childhood friend and female confidante Kristin accompanied him throughout the dress-matching process for Christina, much like Olivia.

The Big Day

This episode ends with a couple getting ready for their wedding day, but will it happen? On the list is Miles, but when she got a text the night before with his name, she conducted some research and revealed to a producer that he’s not exactly her type.

She admits that she’s unsure whether she can go through with the marriage when they ask her. Oh my God! What do you think? The answer will be revealed next week on the show.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

They proceeded to a neighboring pub for a few drinks before arriving at a residence where local strippers were performing for them. Things became wild on the women’s end. Feeling overwhelmed by the scenario, Christina withdraws from the group and seems to be having no fun. Afterward, they talk about the things they’re afraid about, such as kissing their new spouses and whether or not they’ll run away. Brett gets into a fight with the bartender and Henry’s buddy Kristin at the men’s party.

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Brett is disliked by the majority of the males in the room. As Miles and Bennett get to know one other, they begin to form a close friendship. Brett leaves the bachelor party early because of his flirtatious behavior with Kristin, and the other men gather to discuss the idea of consummating their marriages and other topics.

Season 11 duo Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi were one of the show’s real fan-favourite couples, and their breakup surprised many.

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