Married At First Sight Season 12: Where Is the Cast Now?

Married At First Sight Season 12

Married At First Sight Season 12: ‘Married at First Sight,’ which debuted its new season, never ceases to wow us with its depictions of individuals walking down the aisle with strangers.

Season 12 features a group of Atlanta, Georgia-based singles who have chosen that they don’t want to go out on another date but rather settle down and get married. Lifetime claims that this season’s cast is the most varied ever, and it features the franchise’s first divorcee (Erik, 34), who was filmed in 2020 during the pandemic. Become acquainted with the couples via these adorable photos and profiles.

Couple’s NameStatus
Haley Harris and Jacob HarderDivorced
Virginia and ErikDivorced
Paige Banks and Chris WilliamsDivorced
Vincent Morales and Briana MilesTogether
Ryan and ClaraBreak up

Haley Harris and Jacob Harder

After their season on the program, the pair chose to break up. On the other hand, they didn’t have a fantastic time on the agenda. Jake and Hailey had been married for eleven years before Hailey’s arrival, and Jake had put work and profession ahead of relationships.

Married At First Sight: What Happened To Haley & Jacob After Season 12

Virginia and Erik

At first, it seemed like Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake were doomed to fail as a married pair. No matter how attractive the 26-year-old Virginia was, Erik found the 36-year-old pilot a much more serious and reserved person. Fortunately for them, opposites do attract.

Virginia and Erik - Married at First Sight Cast | Lifetime

Despite their wildly divergent social schedules, Virginia and Erik have decided to continue together even after the show has ended. Erik presented his future wife with an engagement ring (and a proposal to stay married) to make things official.

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Paige Banks and Chris Williams

In the end, Paige Banks and Chris Williams were unable to make their relationship work. Chris, who had previously been married three times, was apprehensive about their relationship and confessed to having affection for another lady. Chris also found out that his ex-girlfriend was supposedly pregnant during the recording of the episode.

Married at First Sight' star Paige Banks: Chris Williams' wedding-reception  sex talk left me shocked and embarrassed

On the other hand, Paige did try to work things out with Chris even though the ex was no longer pregnant. However, even though Paige has yet to find post-divorce love, she has been cultivating self-love. In July, she posed the question “How are you enjoying yourself today?” to her Instagram followers.

Vincent Morales and Briana Miles

After the concert, the pair seemed to be in good spirits. It was disclosed to them that they live together at Vincent’s house and have plans to acquire a condo together. By giving her wine and flowers regularly, Vincent has been wooing Briana. Both Briana and Vincent have expressed their desire for a child, although Vincent is still a few months away.

How MAFS' Briana and Vincent Won Big Long After Decision Day - E! Online

Ryan and Clara

Clara Fergus (27) had a string of bad relationships before her marriage to Ryan (29). When it came to Ryan, his parents had set a high bar for unconditional love. As a result, he went all-in on the day of his wedding. Despite realizing they hadn’t uttered “I love you” clearly on Decision Day, the couple decided to remain married. Clair said that she was in a healthy relationship with Ryan since he was her “best friend.” “100 percent,” Ryan assured his wife that he wanted to stay her spouse.

Married At First Sight': How Clara Is Handling Divorce From Ryan and What  She's Doing With Their Vow Renewal Plans

Season’s Most Memorable Moments

In Season 12, there were many moments to pick from, some sweet and others not so much. Some we’ll remember for a long time, and others we’d rather forget.

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To Erik, Virginia Informs Him That She Needs A “Day Off” From The Marriage

When it came to Virginia and Erik, it was clear that they were created for one other. Their differences notwithstanding, the two seemed perfect examples of the proverb “opposites attract.” As soon as the wedding was over, they couldn’t keep their hands (or lips) away from one other. However, no one was shocked when Virginia told Erik that she needed a “day off” from their marriage because of her independent spirit and party-girl lifestyle.

Couples and followers throughout the globe screamed in disbelief, knowing that marriage is not like that. When she asked for some alone time and space, her loving husband Erik explained that he would be away for days at a stretch due to his career as a pilot. Virginia answered by expressing her desire for his absence to coincide with the days on which she desired alone.

Let’s hope so, Virginia; however, recent reports indicate that things may not have gone as smoothly as she had hoped and that the pair have now officially broken up.

Paige Meets Chris’s Baby Mom

This is the first time this has ever occurred in the history of Married at First Sight (that we know of.) After meeting the new wife, an ex-pregnant ex says that she, too, believed she was pregnant for a split second. Fortunately, Paige was not pregnant, but my, what a mess. Both ladies agreed that they did not want to be involved with Chris, and they were supportive of each other’s decision. Even Mercedes, Chris’s pregnant ex, supported Paige when he referred to her as “disrespectful.” When the two ladies joined together to support each other, we don’t know how he got to that decision.

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Mercedes even went so far as to apologize to Paige for her involvement in the matter. We can’t understand why elegant ladies always surround Chris, but it’s clear that this is his lot in life. Even though it was a moment we’d want to forget, we couldn’t leave it out of Married at First Sight’s history since it was a first.

A Touching Proposal From Vincent

Their relationship has captivated viewers from its inception. The pair, who earned our Most Likely to Succeed award, had a marriage that resembled something out of a fairy tale. Vincent re-proposed to Briana with a cheesecake on Decision Day, demonstrating the depth of their love for one another.

Although it may seem an unusual proposal prop, Briana was overjoyed, revealing how much the two loved one another. Fans and experts alike were delighted that the pair remained together and did it in the most Vincent and Briana-like manner imaginable since it was such a wonderful romance.

Married at First Sight Season 12 Preview - Celebrity Page

So, that’s all. Even though there were many memorable events to pick from, some instances, in particular, stood out.

Married At First Sight has fostered a few happy unions, despite being a controversial technique to finding a life partner. Three of the five married couples from Season 12 have remained together.

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