Married At First Sight Season 5: Where Is The Cast Now?

Married At First Sight Season 6: Where is the cast now?

Do you think love, at first sight is possible? Members of Lifetime’s original series “Married At First Sight” have done so. In the season premiere, aspiring bachelors and bachelorettes undergo a rigorous interview procedure to help a panel of experts and matchmakers find them the right match. Once the couples have been matched, they go down the aisle to meet for the first time in an actual wedding ceremony.

Following their wedding, the couples spend eight weeks getting to know one other and attempting to cohabitate before moving on to the last on-camera part of the process, Decision Day (via Distractify). This is when the couples decide whether or not to remain married after the program ends.

Neither member in each pair is informed of the other’s response until they share it with their partner, the experts (and millions of spectators), which may lead to significant grief. Overall, “Married At First Sight” couples have a 30 per cent success rate, which the show’s experts would want to see flipped to a 30 per cent failure rate.

Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico, Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon, Danielle DeGroot and Cody Knapek were among the three couples featured on Season 5 of “Married At First Sight” (via Lifetime). The 30 per cent success rate stays true for these couples. Only one of the three couples portrayed is still together.

Sarah Roza and Telv Williams

While the couple remained together for months after the program, they split up in March 2019. They appeared in court after obtaining an Apprehended Violence Order prohibiting them from speaking publicly to each other.

Ms Roza is single, whilst Mr Williams is in a new relationship with his girlfriend, Katie Beever. Last year, it was also announced that he was expecting his third kid with a prior girlfriend.

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Jo McPharlin and Sean Donnelly

Jo and Sean couldn’t have been more unlike, and their relationship ended early. “Why did you set us up?” Jo asked the experts, furious by the match. My directions were clear and concise. We had a long discussion about what I wanted, and then… this is what I got.” After the program ended, Sean connected to fellow season five competitor Gabrielle Bartlett, claiming they were anything more than pals.

Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel

After learning that Mr Wells had allegedly kissed co-star Davina Rankin, Ms Jewel decided she couldn’t trust him. He insists, however, that the charges of infidelity were false, and he seems to be unmarried at the time.

During the program, Ms Jewel became close to co-star Sean Thomsen, and the two confirmed their relationship after the show’s conclusion — but eventually broke up. Ms Jewel is now married to Nathan “Nate” Constable, and the couple just announced that they are expecting their first child, while Mr Wells is still unmarried.

Melissa Walsh and John Robertson

Melissa and John were one of the few couples that remained together until the end, and they seemed to be a match made in heaven. Despite Melissa’s admission that they “had an instant connection” and “lived together smoothly,” they split up not long after the program ended. Melissa acknowledged their breakup in an Instagram message in March 2018.

“We’ve spoken at length about making it work and have been spending time with each other to allow our relationship to blossom,” she informed her followers, adding that they remain excellent friends. At the very least, that’s something.

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Sean Thomsen and Blair Rachael

Mr Thomsen and Ms Rachael eventually divorced after Mr Thomsen opted to discontinue the marriage. He went on to date participant Tracey Jewell for five months, and it’s unknown if he’s still single, even though he published a book called Married Lies: Secrets Behind Reality TV about his experience on MAFS. Ms Rachael now has a husband, DJ Robbie Lowe.

Mathew Lockett and Alycia Galbraith

Everyone had great expectations for plumber Mathew and student Alycia since they seemed genuinely in love. Still, it subsequently came out that the feelings weren’t reciprocal, and Mathew informed Alycia that he wasn’t interested in her. “I don’t know where the Mat that I married went,” Alycia said after quitting the marriage. I was sad when he vanished.” They have nothing in common, according to Mat, and are “extremely different individuals.” He seemed to have moved on from co-star Charlene.

Charlene Perera and Patrick Miller

This pair did remain together after the program, although Mr Miller is said to have ghosted Ms Perera after the shooting ended. Ms Perera later stated that they were in different phases of life, and it is unclear if they are dating other people today.

Davina Rankin and Ryan Gallagher

Ms Rankin and Mr Gallagher also divorced before the Married at First Sight Australia finale. Mr Gallagher claimed Ms Rankin cheated on him with co-star Dean in a dramatic change of events, with the affair subsequently being revealed at a commitment ceremony.

After appearing on I’m A Celebrity with Charlotte Crosby, Mr Gallagher began dating her. However, the relationship did not continue. Ms Rankin is married to her partner Jaxon, whom she has known for seven years after meeting him in a Brisbane nightclub, and the pair has a daughter named Mila-Mae.

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Justin Fischer and Carly Bowyer

Mr Fischer and Ms Bowyer went on their honeymoon in Vanuatu, Oceania, but split up before their marriage. Ms Bowyer then began dating co-star Troy Demlege, whose relationship was exposed in the show’s startling season finale.


In March 2018, Mr Fischer was said to be seeing the previous competitor Ashley Irvin. However, the two broke up. Ms Bowyer is presently dating actor Neil Goldsmith, well-known for his role in the television series Neighbours. They announced they were expecting their first child together in June 2020.

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