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Married At First Sight Season 7: Where Is The Cast Now?

Married At First Sight Season 7

Married At First Sight Season 7: cameras accompanied six Dallas singles as they walked down the aisle with a stranger. Every couple featured on the Lifetime reality programme decided to stay married after the season. This is an uncommon occurrence. The tell-all programme revealed that these pledges did not last long. Since the programme aired a little over a year ago, we have learned more about the relationships between the show’s winners and losers.

Couple’s nameStatus
Mia and Tristan  Divorced
Dave and Amber  Divorced
Danielle Bergman-Dodd and Bobby Dodd  Married

Mia and Tristan

Fans will remember that Mia and Tristan’s romance was fraught. Tristan and the rest of the matchmaking team had no idea Mia had previously been arrested for allegedly stalking her ex-boyfriend and illegally abusing his credit card. The fact that she didn’t reveal this knowledge to Tristan made him believe she was dishonest. This caused a lack of trust, and the newlyweds could never put their faith in one another. However, after the season, the pair chose to remain married. However, as revealed in the season seven tell-all special, the team finally decided to split.

Back in September of this year, the couple filed for divorce. Mia has fought tirelessly throughout the programme to defend her reputation after her suspected criminal history via her Instagram posts. Mia’s Instagram profile seems to be doing well these days, thanks to her sexy photos and promotional postings. Currently, it appears that the reality star is a single woman. Like his ex, Tristan has found a new love since leaving the programme, unlike his ex-wife. Rachel Ashley, a former Miss World America Texas beauty pageant winner, accepted the proposal from the Lifetime actor in June 2019.

Danielle Bergman-Dodd and Bobby Dodd

A few of the show’s most endearing couples were Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd. They had good chemistry and acted more like problem solvers than angry people. When Danielle admitted that she owed money on her credit cards, Bobby promised they wouldn’t become furious about it. In the end, the couple decided to remain together and now had a daughter and son.

Dave and Amber

While Amber and Dave appeared like an excellent fit at the beginning of the season, time rapidly demonstrated that the pair couldn’t keep the flame alive. It didn’t matter how well the couple got along, and they always ended up fighting. Everything from Dave’s “attractive scale” evaluation of Amber to her continuing to go to the same gym as a past sweetheart provided fodder for debate. When it was announced in the tell-all programme that they would be divorcing, they chose to remain married and try to work things out.

The reality star made her divorce official in December 2018 after saying she was prepared to work things out with Dave during the season seven tell-all special. Amber came to Instagram after the pair decided to call it quits, where she detailed the events leading up to the split. The reality star also wished her ex-husband luck when the going got tough.

Amber posted under a picture of the pair on set in December 2018: “There have been some doubts regarding the state of our marriage, so I wanted to announce @daveflaherty80, and I have filed for divorce.” Our relationship has had its ups and downs, but we’ve always been there for one other in good times and bad. I learnt a lot from experience and am grateful for it, even though we weren’t a good fit. I send Dave my best wishes, and I know he’ll do the same for me. ?”

The once-blonde beauty has gone brown and joked about spending Valentine’s Day alone in 2020 on her Instagram account, reflecting her current state of happiness and singleness.

Controversy about Season 7 of ‘Married at First Sight’

On Married at First Sight, there’s a lot of drama. This reality series never fails to produce jaw-dropping events, from Chris Williams’ antics in season 12 to Katie and Derek’s infidelity scandal in season 10. In a recent interview, Dr Viviana Coles, a relationship specialist, said that one dramatic development in season 7 pushed the programme to rethink how it analyses prospective members.

While on her honeymoon, Mia from the seventh season of ‘Married at First Sight’ was detained

Experts partnered Dallas singles Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally in the seventh season of Married at First Sight. When officials detained Mia at the airport shortly before they were scheduled to go for their honeymoon, the marriage had a difficult start.

Tristan was taken aback when a producer sat down with him to discuss what had happened to his wife and found out that a warrant had been issued for Mia’s arrest on three counts of stalking and one of credit card fraud. A sense of scepticism pervades my thoughts as I read the police report. Once she was accused of stalking, Mia lied and stated she had no ties to the guy who accused her of it. In the aftermath of the incident, however, she acknowledged having an affair with the accuser for a short time.

“MAFS” modified its background check procedures following the event, says Dr Viviana Coles

After Mia’s arrest, Tristan decided to remain with her. However, the pair could not overcome the first setback to their relationship. No sooner had Decision Day passed than they decided to call it quits as a married couple.

During Mia and Tristan’s season, Coles did not appear as an expert on the programme. According to the Houston Chronicle, the event prompted the show’s producers to alter the way they do background checks. Those are now done before the start of production.

According to her, “that specific incident taught us a lot, and what ends up happening now is that we start to make sure that we’re conducting the background checks just before instead of doing them somewhat sooner to ensure that we don’t miss anything.”

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