Married: “The PP has never raised sanitary cords or demonized any democratic politician”

Married: "The PP has never raised sanitary cords or demonized any democratic politician"

Pablo Casado It has been pronounced this Tuesday after the declaration of ‘persona non grata’ to Santiago Abascal in Ceuta and the severance of relations by Vox. He has done it in a veiled way, without expressly mentioning the controversy. The president of the PP has stressed that his training “has never raised health cords or demonized any democratic party” and has appealed to unite the vote around the PP to achieve a “sensible”, “moderate” and “reformist” government.

Precisely this Tuesday, Vox has presented an initiative in the Ceuta Assembly to revoke Abascal’s declaration as a person ‘non grata’, thus giving the PP the opportunity to rectify. Last Friday, the Ceuta Assembly approved Abascal’s declaration as persona ‘non grata’ thanks to the vote in favor of the PSOE, the three deputies of the localist parties MDyC and Caballas and the abstention of the ‘popular’.

«The PP has never raised sanitary cords nor has he demonized any democratic politician. We only demand a responsible and State policy on fundamental issues. And that is why we appeal to unite the vote in a sensible, effective, moderate, reformist and transversal option of Government and with the necessary international experience to respond to the challenges in the Maghreb, in America and also in Europe ”, said Casado during his telematic intervention in the virtual seminar ‘The center right in the face of the populist threat’. The leader of the PP had planned to go to Colombia this week to participate, among others, in this seminar, but was forced to cancel the trip due to the restrictions that force travelers from that country to quarantine from this Tuesday.

Also the national spokesman of the PP and mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, denied this Tuesday that Abascal is ‘persona non grata’ and spoiled “the accusations” because “they do not contribute to the political debate.”

With this statement, Almeida tried to bring positions closer to Vox after having come out the day before to support Juan Jesus Alive stating that “more men like him were needed in Ceuta and fewer inflammatory statements.”

«It is one thing that one does not share an attitude, or some statements and another to declare someone ‘persona non grata’. I think that this statement does not fit into politics, no matter how much different situations may be expressed, “he explained this Tuesday.

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