Mars Japanese whiskey enters the Colombian market

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Bogotá, Nov 29 (EFE) .- The company Global Wine and Spirits Colombia began to market for the first time in the country a Japanese whiskey, Mars, with which it hopes to keep a significant percentage of the 1.4 million boxes of 9 liters of this drink sold on average annually in the national market.

“Although Colombia is a market driven by the consumption of beer, brandy and rum, consecutively there is the category of whiskey,” said the brand manager of Global Wine and Spirits Colombia, Oriana Gómez this Monday in a statement.

In fact, he added, “during 2020 a little more than 1.4 million cases were marketed, which shows that whiskey has played an important role in the economic reactivation of the country” after the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Traditionally, the months of October, November and December are the months with the highest volume of whiskey sales, to the point that several brands carry out up to 40% of their total marketing in Colombia in that season.

From the above, it is clear that the company’s objective is to “sell 5,000 9-liter cases during Mars’ first year in the Colombian market,” Gómez said.


In Japan, the production of whiskey began in the late nineteenth century in an artisanal way, until in 1924 the first distillery in the Asian nation, Yamazaki, was founded.

Since then, several brands have successfully entered the international market, to the point that, according to the expert from Global Wine and Spirits Colombia, “Japanese whiskey is sold five years after production, which makes it an exclusive product “.

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The main differences between the drink made in Japan and those made in Scotland, Ireland, Canada or the United States include the quality of the water, the location and the methods of distillation.

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