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“Marta Luisa Celebrates Daughter Maud Angelica’s Artist Milestones on her 20th Birthday!”

Happy 20th Birthday, Maud!

Marta Luisa from Norway couldn’t contain her emotions as she exclaimed, “Happy birthday, Maud!” on such a special date for her entire family. Maud Angelica, the eldest granddaughter of Kings Harald and Sonia, has finally reached a significant milestone in her life and has blown out all 20 candles.

Her mother, who couldn’t be more proud of her, took advantage of this special day to send a precious message to the honoree and rescued some of their most endearing images together.

A Daughter Like No Other

Prince Haakon’s sister took the opportunity to congratulate her daughter, saying, “Wow! Entering your twenties with all your strength.” She went on to enumerate Maud’s virtues, “You shine on many levels; your art, your writing, the way you see people, your humor, your always positive mentality, your deep search for truth and understanding…”

Maud Angelica continues to surprise everyone with her talent as a draftsman and painter, and her mother is very much proud of her daughter. She further mentioned how happy it makes her in so many ways in conveying how much she loves her daughter.

A Day of Triumph

Maud Angelica’s fiancé, Durek Verret, also joined in the birthday celebrations. It was a day that took place on April 29, and Maud continues to triumph with her artistic facet, making her debut as a painter.

The young woman shared some of her works that are in the Fredheim Gallery: “Some of my works that are in the Fredheim Gallery deal with how thoughts can be chaotic. It’s really fun to experiment with different types of expressions,” recounted the precocious author over the weekend.

A Good Example to Follow

Maud’s commitment to those with mental health problems is public and notorious, making her an excellent example for her younger sisters, Leah Isadora (18 years old) and Emma Tallulah (14). They have an amazing sister who is not only sensitive to graphic arts, but also has a heart for helping those in need.

Moreover, Maud knows how to manage indescribable pain, like the tragic death of her father, Ari Behn. At Christmas 2019, she learned to handle it with great aplomb and later reflected it both in a book and in different awareness-raising speeches.

Overall, Maud Angelica is a daughter like no other who brings pride and joy to her family, and they look forward to more years to come.

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