“Marta Pombo Baptizes Daughter Matilda and Celebrates Marriage Proposal on Same Day with Luis Zamalloa”

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Marta Pombo had a Saturday filled with emotions as she celebrated the baptism of her daughter Matilda with her fiancé Luis Zamalloa and their loved ones. Maria Pombo and one of the dentist’s brothers became the godparents of the little girl.

To mark the occasion, Marta dazzled in a printed dress with puffed sleeves and a flared skirt paired with navy blue heeled sandals. Matilda looked adorable in a classic Christian skirt with an embroidered bonnet.

The festivities didn’t end there. Marta took the opportunity to celebrate her marriage proposal with Luis Zamalloa with their family and friends. The couple plans to get married on October 21, coinciding with Matilda’s first birthday. The influencer wants a civil and intimate ceremony and has dropped hints on her public profile, including wearing two different outfits.

Despite being in the world of influencers where perfection reigns supreme, Marta flaunts her naturalness and vulnerability. She has been honest about struggling with depression and taking a break from her job to focus on her mental health.

Marta’s recovery process involved asking for help and receiving support from her loved ones, including Luis, who gives her peace of mind and support during tough times. The influencer recently got a tattoo as a reminder of a special date, a symbol of her journey towards healing and strength.

Marta’s openness and honesty make her an inspiration to many, showing that it’s okay to ask for help and prioritize one’s mental health.

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