Martha Higareda Acknowledges Her Unknown Connection with Ryan Gosling

Martha Higareda Acknowledges Her Unknown Connection with Ryan Gosling

Once again Martha Higareda is involved in another controversy on social networks where users do not give up and assure that the Mexican actress “lies”.

Last week the presentation of the movie Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan, was held in Mexico Gosling. The event was attended by different personalities from Mexican entertainment, and among the guests was the actress Martha Higareda, who wasted no time in sharing the photo she took next to the American actor on her social networks.

They will believe… but yes!It was incredible to talk with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling from #Barbie and other anecdotes that you already know and others that I will share with you…

The photo went viral and the comments were immediate, all in the same vein: “Higareda lies”. Remember that a few months ago, the actress was the object of ridicule and memes on social networks for her unique comments that she makes in interviews and programs, where she recounts some aspects of her career and the Hollywood personalities that, she says, she has met. Stories have been criticized and branded as “false”.

And the photo with Ryan Gosling and Margot could not be the exception, for which the actress had to respond: “Friends, indeed I did not say that Ryan Gosling knew ME.” “Meeting” is different from “being chivalrous to someone in a fortuitous event.” And no, we are not friends either. And yes, he is a gentleman and a GREAT actor!

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