“Martha Stewart Disowns Sports Illustrated Cover after Frustrating Delay”

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Martha Stewart’s ‘lost interest’ in Sports Illustrated Cover Due to Long Delay

Martha Stewart, the 81-year-old businesswoman, recently made history by becoming the oldest person to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s iconic annual swimsuit issue. While Stewart was blown away by the response to the photo shoot, she had ‘lost interest’ before the magazine made it public.

Stewart had kept her photo shoot a secret for a long time, and she had moved on to other things in that period. Stewart told Page Six , “I thought it was a big deal but we had been quiet [about it] for so long I lost interest until it came out.”

However, Stewart was still proud of her achievement and expressed her thoughts on age. She indicated that age is not a determining factor for success or friendship; instead, how people think, act, and what they do is significant.

Carbohydrate Elimination and Fitness Regime

To prepare for the Sports Illustrated shoot, Stewart eliminated carbohydrates and focused on her fitness regime. She became ‘a bit addicted’ to Pilates and enjoys hiking to stay in shape. She also rides a horse, and her Pilates schedule includes three times per week, ensuring that she remains fit and healthy.

Martha Stewart may be in her 80s, but her positive attitude and healthy lifestyle have enabled her to make history and continue to inspire others. Her success story encourages us all to seek ways to stay healthy and happy through exercise, healthy eating, and a positive outlook on life.

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