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Martha Stewart Reacts to Critics Calling Her Living Room 'Old and Stuffy'

Martha Stewart Reacts to Critics Calling Her Living Room ‘Old and Stuffy’

Martha Stewart has responded to online critics who were less than impressed with her interior decorating skills.

Stewart recently took to Instagram to showcase her living room makeovers.

“Big day rearranging the furniture in the three main living rooms at Skylands. We switched the living room from grey blue upholstery to a creamy pale buttery yellow (all the yellow came from lily pond lane which I sold two years ago!),” she wrote in her caption.

Stewart continued, “The library is much more comfortable now and the faux Bois table is now the card table. I love the rustic yet elegant charm of this lovely 1925 house.”

Some commenters praised the transformation. “Very lily pond lane. I’ve always loved both homes,” one person commented. Another agreed, “It looks so good! Just perfect!”

However, not everyone was impressed.

“Looks old and stuffy,” a critical comment read.

Another person added, “Yuck. It looks like a Marriott suite living room in 1987.”

“Not your best work,” wrote a third commenter. “It feels empty, like no soul empty.”

The negative feedback prompted Stewart to share another Instagram post with a new photo of the updated living room and a caption addressing the criticism.

“I rarely read all the comments that come in after I post but because I was so happy at the transformation of my Maine living room I did go through many of the comments and was surprised at the harsh judgment so many displayed!!!” the caption started.

Stewart explained the effort that went into re-doing the room and sourcing the furniture.

“I and my Maine helpers spent three hours moving out the old furniture and putting in the new #we were pleased that the pieces actually fit the room and were proportionate to the large size of the space. The was not a ‘decorator’s’ professional installation, it was an attempt to change quickly and efficiently,” she elaborated.

The lifestyle expert also mentioned that she wasn’t done decorating yet. “Making a house a home, or a room a beautiful livable space takes a lot more than three hours. Of course there will be color, plants, mirrors, a new rug or two and other art and objects. Stay tuned!!!!” she wrote.

“And by the way the birds are chromo lithographs by Carroll Tyson known as the ‘Audubon of Maine’ -so beautiful!” she added.

Fans encouraged her to ignore the negative comments and reassured her that she doesn’t need to justify her choices.

One person emphatically stated, “I have been in this house. It’s a national treasure. Beautiful, classic, and historic. Martha has done everything to restore and maintain its elegance and history. If you don’t know and have no true perspective then please keep your comments to yourself. As my grandmother used to say, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

Another fan wrote, “After decades of inspiring millions in home decor, cooking, entertaining – you owe the negative commenters nothing! If you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. Keep being the queen that you are!”

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