Martha Stewart Shows off her Sexy Side in Sports Illustrated Magazine

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American businesswoman Martha Stewart, who rose to fame in the 1980s with her best-selling cookbook, has made history by becoming the oldest model to feature on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue at the age of 81. In a video interview on the publication’s website, Stewart stated that she was motivated to prove that women of any age could look, feel, and be good. She posed in a white swimsuit and a gold cape on her shoulders for Colombian photographer Ruven Afanador in the Dominican Republic.

Stewart’s cover photo has made a mark in the history of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, which previously featured young white models. The magazine’s recent issues have exemplified diversity by featuring transgender and black models.

As for Stewart, her career took a hit in 2004 when she was imprisoned for five months for charges related to insider trading. Despite this, she continued to excel and built her fortune through her cooking, entertainment, and decorating brand, becoming the first female billionaire in the US to achieve such a feat.

Her 2023 swimsuit edition feature in Sports Illustrated is one of four versions. Three others feature actress Megan Fox, German singer Kim Petras, and model and actress Brooks Nader. The magazine is set to be published on Thursday, giving its readers a fascinating insight into our changing culture and the true embodiment of the phrase “age is just a number”.

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