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Martin Brundle Responds to Brian May Backlash After British GP Grid Walk Snub

Martin Brundle Responds to Brian May Backlash After British GP Grid Walk Snub

Martin Brundle has issued an apology to Queen guitarist Brian May following an uncomfortable encounter during Brundle’s grid walk at the British Grand Prix.

As is tradition before Formula 1 races, Sky Sports pundit Brundle was sent into the bustling crowd of celebrities at Silverstone to snag quick interviews before the race commenced.

The former F1 driver soon recognized the familiar long hair of the seasoned rocker speaking with a Mercedes team member.

However, May, 76, declined to participate in an interview, leaving Brundle’s attempts to engage him unreciprocated.

On a day that also saw Lewis Hamilton break his winning drought with a long-awaited victory and May waving the chequered flag, the guitarist explained his reasons for declining the interview. May mentioned that he had “no intention of snubbing” Brundle but chose not to comment on a sport he does not fully understand.

“I had a great day at Silverstone thanks to the kindness of the Mercedes Team,” May wrote on his website. “My Grandson had some truly historic birthday moments.

“And by the way, apologies to a Mr. Brundle – absolutely no intention of snubbing you. All you see is someone who is nervous about speaking on something of which he has little understanding – and anxious to get to where he is supposed to be!”

Brundle, however, insists that it is he who should be apologizing for the incident. He acknowledged that those he approaches are never under any obligation to speak.

“It is me who should be apologising to Sir Brian May, not him to me for the grid walk on Sunday at Silverstone,” Brundle posted on X. “I didn’t address him as Sir Brian, and I shouldn’t have approached him twice when he wasn’t up for a chat on live TV. Nobody is ever obliged to talk to me on the grid, or anywhere else for that matter.”

Source: Particle News