Martín Guzmán announced that the economy will grow 8% this year and insisted that the agreement with the IMF should allow Argentina to grow

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Without mentioning the discharge inflation or the dollar, the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, remarked that the economy argentina will grow this year by 8%, one point above the original goal of the 2021 Budget, and stressed that the negotiation with the IMF aims to “resolve the record debt” under conditions that Argentina can sustain.

“We are working to solve the debt problems, on the basis that they are shared responsibility between creditors and debtors. It was the basis of the restructuring with private companies and it is with the record debt with the IMF, ”he said when speaking at the annual meeting of the Council of the Americas.

The head of the Palacio de Hacienda considered that the macroeconomic situation in Argentina “is becoming more robust month by month” and, although he acknowledged that the recovery is heterogeneous, he assured that there is a “clear projection of vigorous growth for what is the year 2021 “. Along these lines, he emphasized the Recovery that show different indicators, among which he mentioned production, investment, employment, exports and international reserves, and emphasized that “it did not come from nowhere, but was made possible by the very active role of the State.”

On that point, he said that the Government revised its growth forecast upwards of the economy for this year, so he expects a 8% improvement for all of 2021, since the 9.9% collapse that Argentina suffered last year. Along these lines, he stressed that the Government protected “work, production, vulnerable sectors, and in general, protect the productive and social capacities that exist in our economy.” And he added: “Having been able to preserve those capacities is what allows the Argentine economy to be on the path of recovery.”

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In this sense, the official assured that “its first precept is that the State plays a central role in promoting economic recovery, both via a countercyclical fiscal policy as via one reallocation of expenses towards those components that have the greatest impact on economic recovery in the short term and generate greater productive capacity in the medium term ”. The Minister indicated that in the first seven months of the year there was a primary fiscal deficit equivalent to 0.7% of the Product.

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