Martín, son of Fito Páez and Cecilia Roth, celebrates 24th birthday: A glimpse into his life today

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Fito Páez’s Unforgettable Love Story with Cecilia Roth

Fito Páez, the renowned Argentinean musician, captured the hearts of many with his explosive popularity in the 1990s. However, his love story with Cecilia Roth, his girlfriend at the time, is just as legendary as his music. They were one of the most emblematic couples on show, inspiring many of Páez’s songs. Despite their separation, they have remained close due to their shared history and their son, Martín.

A Love Story That Spanned Over a Decade

Their love story ended with Páez’s first big show at the Vélez Sarsfield Stadium in 1993, which marked the end of the series that documented his life until that point. However, their romance continued until 2002, and it resulted in the birth of their son, Martín.

Páez is typically tight-lipped when it comes to his personal life. However, for his son’s 24th birthday, the musician shared heartfelt words on his Instagram account. He called Martín his “total north,” a source of wisdom and inexhaustible love.

Fito Páez and Cecilia Roth’s Unstoppable Love Story

Despite the distance, Páez remains close to both of his children, Martín and Margarita (from his relationship with actress Romina Ricci). The artist rarely shares details about his children on social media, but he occasionally shares special moments with them.

Recently, Páez and his children made a trip to Colombia, where they toured the country as a family. Páez shared a photo of the trip on his Instagram account and garnered over 80,000 likes.

Martín: An Artist in His Own Right

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Despite his famous parents, Martín has managed to stay away from the media’s limelight. However, he has joined his father’s official merchandising store. In an interview this year, Martín revealed that his passion is in plastic art. Surprisingly, he sold his first piece of art when he was just three years old to his father’s friend. Now, he balances his art with his responsibilities at his father’s store.

In conclusion, the love story of Fito Páez and Cecilia Roth is a symbol of undying love. Páez may be a household name for his music, but his love for his children is just as significant. He may keep his personal life mostly private, but his adoration for his family shines through his posts on social media.

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