Maruti Suzuki Super Carry: A Mini Truck Revolution in India

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The first mini-truck of the Super Carry series was introduced in 2016 by Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest manufacturer of passenger cars. The mini-truck has become quite popular since its release and is putting tough rivalry amongst its competitor manufacturers.

The Kurogane Baby, Toyota Acty, Subaru Sambar, Kawasaki Minibus, and Daihatsu Hijet are examples of cars that compete with the Carry trucks and vans (or Every van) in their local market. Several of these, including the Carry and the Hijet, are also rivals in export markets.

Instead of the brand name Suzuki, the first era of Carry became marketed with the Suzulight emblem, highlighting the  company’s emphasis on “Light Vehicles.”

Starting Generation

The FB Suzulight Carry, a camper van with the engine behind the front seat but with a small hood, launched the Carry series in October 1961. The design has been called a “semi-cab over.” For the 1964 design year, the FB Carry got a few minor revisions in October 1963. In September 1964, a large glass FBD Carry Vehicle entered the market. The FB engine had a displacement of 358 ccs (21.9 cu in), a two-stroke, two-cylinder design, with a 21 hp rating (16 kW).

Second Generation 

The embodied L20 Suzulight Carry took over for FB in June 1965. The scaffolding chassis got a new design, and the front wheels are now individually sprung (by torsion bars). The engine benefited from Suzuki’s innovative Cylinder Crank Infusion lubrication technology, even though output stayed at 21 horsepower. In January 1966, the new L20V replaced the Carry Van, and a dropside pickup was also available (L21).

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The L20H was the last option, a lorry with a canvas cover and a seat in the bed that faces backwards and accommodates four people. The second generation’s top speed is 75 km/h.

Third Generation

The same FB engine is positioned horizontally beneath the load area in the new L30 Suzuki Carry—starter attached to the turbine on the front side of the crankshaft. The L30, which debuted in February 1966, coexisted with its more conventional precursor till they were both superseded by the L40.

There was a canopied L30H identical to the L20H but with the bed’s chairs facing one another. Moreover, there was an L31 with a fall bed available. While the load area was more significant, the efficiency and mechanics were comparable to that of its sibling with a bonnet. The maximum load allowed remained at 375 kg (770 lb).

Specifications Of The Maruti Suzuki Super Carry

Maruti Suzuki paid great attention when designing the vehicle. It will significantly outperform competing models on the market. You may maximise your earnings by adding components and extras that will load the most things while ensuring smooth handling. The low-cost, maintenance-friendly car won’t break the bank during either preventive or corrective maintenance. Also, the Suzuki Super Carry is more affordable than most comparable cargo cars from other manufacturers on the Keralan road.

Let’s look at the details and the parts that the Suzuki Super Carry has: 


The BS-VI version engine is accessible in petrol and CNG types, making it unquestionably one of the most significant engines for delivering maximum load-carrying capacity and power. 

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With a top speed of 80 km/h, Super Carry can quickly ascend even the steepest slope. At 6000 rpm, its engine produces 54 KW.

Fuel Efficiency:

Beyond the Super Carry pricing in Kerala, fuel economy is another factor of utmost significance to a transporter. With a fantastic performance of more than 23 kilometres per litre, it will maximise your savings while carrying efficiently.


When creating the Super Carry, Maruti adhered to strict standards. The technology and materials employed have the truck functioning without any safety issues as its primary goals. The Suzuki Super Carry ensures you are secure even in adverse situations thanks to its sturdy steel front panel, solid chassis structure, and Shunt Compensation Proportioning Valve (SCPV).

All of these capabilities are available without burdening you with an outrageous price. You would undoubtedly be surprised by the Suzuki Super Carry on-road pricing in Kerala.


Forget taxing, lengthy trips with heavy luggage. The Suzuki Super Carry offers you exceptional comfort. With the aid of the sliding seats, you may customise the seating to your needs. The large interior will maintain your temperature throughout the journey, and the heat-resistant seat covers will stop the engine’s heat from reaching the driver.


Drive the Suzuki Super Carry like a vehicle when it comes to handling. the large, simple-to-use steering wheels and the 4.3-meter-short turning radius. This quickly versatile vehicle will be your best bet for carrying stuff.

Maximum Load Carrying Capability:  

The vehicle features a comprehensive, movable platform for top loading. The long wheelbase will provide it considerable stability and enable worry-free transportation over any distance. The load might be secured using the installed hooks. And stop them from falling.

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A further alluring aspect is the Suzuki Super Carry pricing in Kerala. Kerala’s starting MSRP for the Maruti Super Carry is 4.17 lacs.

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