Marvel actor lashed out at JK Rowling amid transphobia accusations

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JK Rowling He was the person responsible for awakening magic in millions of children in the mid-90s when he published the first book in the series Harry Potter, which would later become a millionaire franchise in the film industry. However, in recent years she was at the center of the storm when she was accused of transphobia for different actions she has taken on her social networks. The theme remains more latent than ever, since a Marvel actor took the floor.

In principle, thousands of fans canceled it when he shared an article called “A more equal post-COVID 19 world for menstruating people”, something that the transsexual community found offensive and led her to defend herself in a couple of tweets, which were not received in a good way. Also, things got worse with his book, Troubled Blood, where a murderer dresses as a woman to attack his victims.

+ A Marvel actor lashed out at JK Rowling

The author cited in recent days a tweet from a US poll that agrees with her that there are only two genders, but quickly He responded by assuring that he never said that. “The question at the center of this debate is whether sex or gender identity should form the basis of decisions about protection, service provision, sports categories and other areas in which women and girls currently have rights and protections. legal “he added.

Sean Gunn, interpreter of Kraglin Obfonteri in Guardians of the Galaxy, he replied: “No, actually the ‘question at the heart of this debate’ is, why do YOU ​​(essentially an opinion-rich person) deserve to be heard as an expert here?”. He also added: “The answer, of course, is that it is not. There is no single reason why your opinion is relevant. This is not a dinner, it is a public space, which is what makes this all so confusing.”. And he continued with the message thread against Rowling.

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Being a recognized personality, his followers and those of JK generated a new debate in the comments among those who continued the line of thought of Gunn and those who supported the author, even though they did not agree with her actions at the time. Let us remember that the controversy with Rowling grew to the point that it was not part of the special Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts de HBO Max, something that also divided the fans.

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