Marvel: all about Kang the Conqueror, the surprise from the series “Loki”

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A character that few imagined would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in phase 4. Kang the Conqueror made his first appearance in the last chapter of the “Loki” series. And it was not for less, because we came to discover that the being known as “He who remains” (“He who Remains” in its original language) was in charge of creating the Agency for Temporal Variation (AVT) and the false Guardians of Time .

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But that did not stop there, since during his meeting with Loki and Sylvie he decides to reveal to them that he did everything in order to preserve the Sacred Timeline and prevent the Multiverses from flowing, which would trigger devastating consequences not only for one universe, but for all. they. In addition, he tells them that he has been called in different ways, including the Conqueror, one of the greatest villains of the MCU, and that he has many variants of himself, although not all are good beings, since others seek their own interests from conquest and destruction.

Something that does not make Loki and Sylvie very funny, but “He who remains” gives them two options: they take care of preserving the timeline or they kill him, with the consequence that the Multiverses open and the worst versions of the variants appear. of this being. Although Loki believes in him, Sylvie is not convinced and sends Loki to the AVT and kills “He who Remains”.

After that, Loki ends up in an alternate timeline where neither Mobius nor anyone else knows him. It is here where he sees a statue of “He who remains” and understands that he became the visible head of the AVT. But when you look closely, you notice that the sculpture is in an outfit very similar to that worn by Kang the Conqueror, so the variant of this being would be nothing more and nothing less than the villain of the Marvel comics that we all know and al which we will see in the new movie “Ant-Man”, which will be played by Jonathan Majors.

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Due to the repercussion and doubts that the appearance of Kang the Conqueror has left in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we will tell you who this being is.

Loki notices that the statue of "He who remains" dresses like Kang the conqueror.  (Photo: Marvel Studios)


Kang the Conqueror is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is most frequently featured as an opponent of “The Avengers” and “The Fantastic Four.”

It is a being that travels easily in time and whose alternate versions appeared throughout the Marvel titles for several years, among which are their respective future and past heroic beings: Immortus and Iron Lad.

He understood that the universe existed in a cycle of death and rebirth, therefore, when he first appeared as the creator of the group “Time-Twisters” he wanted to transmit that knowledge, but in itself it was a destructive force that caused terror. Not content with it, he later founded the “Temporal Variation Agency” in order to control the timeline.

In the MCU, he is portrayed by Jonathan Majors as “The One Who Remains,” which is actually a variant of Kang the Conqueror. According to said being, its variants were those who discovered the Multiverses at some point in the 32nd century and decided to change knowledge. While some accepted, others did not want to and a war broke out, in which Kang triumphed after discovering Alioth, a creature that consumed his counterparts and all their timelines, something he has used at various times, even to consume the temporal energy not only of living beings but also entire parliaments of Kangs.

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On the left, Kang, as he appears in one of the comics.  Right, played by Jonathan Majors in "Loki."  (Photo: Marvel Comics / Disney +)

Origin of Kang the Conqueror

According to the comics, Khan the conqueror was born in the 30th century, but in a timeline in which the Earth never entered the Middle Ages. Its identity generates confusion because its variants adopted many identities at different times.

His timeline is imprecise, as he constantly travels to rewrite his own history; but thanks to this, you can access all the weapons that are created such as the projectors of “vibration rays” or the Cosmic Cube.

Rule in the city of Chronopolis, a kingdom out of time called Limbo. It extends to the ends of the Earth in different periods of time.

Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel comics.  (Photo: Marvel Comics)


Despite the fact that Kang the conqueror does not have superhuman abilities, he is shown to be an extraordinary genius, an expert historical scholar, and a master physicist (specialized in time travel), engineer and technician.

He is armed with 40th century technology, wearing highly advanced battle armor that enhances his strength; it is capable of projecting energy, holograms and force fields; it has a 30-day supply of air and food, and is capable of controlling other forms of technology.

Thanks to his “time ship” he can access the technology of any century, even once he claimed that his ship could destroy the Moon.

In 2009, Kang was ranked IGN's 65th greatest comic book villain of all time.  (Photo: Marvel Comics)

Other versions of Kang the conqueror

Immortus. An alternate version of Kang who resides in Limbo, one of Marvel Comics’ many dimensions and escapes to avoid becoming a pawn of the Guardians of Time, Iron Lad. A teenage version of Kang who knows his evil future and who tries to stop him without success.Rama-Tut. The alias he used when he ruled ancient Egypt, Victor Timely. The name he used when he retired and governed Timely, Illinois, as mayor in 1910..

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