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Marvel and Sony are working on two other films for 2023 – MRT

Recently, Venom: Carnage Freed hit theaters; a film that is already beginning to connect with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man cinematic universe. Despite this, many fans wonder what the future of the arachnid hero will be since “Spider-Man: No Way Home” will be the last film with Holland.

In mid-2022, we will only learn more about the next two films that Marvel and Sony are preparing. In a press conference, the second company confirmed that they still have two projects in the works based on the Marvel universe.

They do not refer to Kraven the Hunter, a film that already has a release date: January 13, 2023. But it could be other superheroes from Spider-Man’s orbit such as Spider-Woman.

There are also other characters that could join the MCU such as Silver Sable, Black Cat, Nightwatch, Madame Web, and Jackpot. It is even not ruled out that Peter Parker takes a break to leave his role to Miles Morales.

It remains to be seen which direction Mobius is pointing, a film scheduled for January 28, 2022. Carnage and Venom can still work together like in the comics and be two antiheroes in the MCU.

Trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

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