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The first episode of What If …?, A Marvel Studios exclusive series for the Disney Plus platform, shows Sharon Carter taking over from Steve Rogers in Howard Stark’s laboratory. Sharon’s decision to stay in the lab made her, after a Hydra attack, take over from Rogers and thus become Captain Carter. The story completely changed how it was told to us in the MCU, so a question falls when mature: will Captain Carter be stronger than Captain America?

Let’s go in parts, because it is a complex question in the Marvel Universe. All of the supersoldiers that followed the original Captain America were created out of a misguided rush to replicate Abraham Erskine’s original experiment. We have the case of Bucky Barnes and John Walker, who are just as strong as Rogers, but struggled to control their abilities and the responsibility that comes with it.

In the movie Captain America: The First Avenger featured Steve Rogers attacking Hydra bases, but he did not do so in the same way as Captain Carter, who confronted Shuma-Gorath, one of the most powerful magical beings, to return him to your portal without any help. To this we must add all the trucks that I stopped with his shield and even be part of the air force attacks.

WHAT IF …? | Marvel series trailer

Marvel: Captain Carter vs.  Captain America, who is more powerful in the MCU?  – Depor Newspaper

Without a doubt, Captain Carter is much more powerful than Captain America. It could be argued that the show’s animation style exaggerates the action, but Peggy’s strength and training before taking the serum made her more lethal. Rogers, for this, was just a recruit and Carter was already part of the military ranks.

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