Marvel confirmed four premieres for 2024

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was born out of Disney but once it was acquired by the mouse company it grew exponentially. The company that presides Kevin Feige owes a lot to this producer who knew how to see which path was ideal for a franchise that was born in 2008 by the hand of Iron Man and that he already has more than twenty films to his credit. With the recent launch of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, there are still two new films for this year and the possibility of seeing the previous ones in Disney+.

After the simultaneous release in theaters and by Disney+ premier access de Black Widow, Disney confirmed that in the remainder of the year they will no longer present titles in this way. From now on, the 45-day window between the arrival at the cinema and its appearance on the platform will be respected. streaming, something that will also run, in principle, for the four new films that were announced for 2024. Although only the dates were said and not what the titles will be, it can be deduced which will be the ones that will arrive on February 16, May 3 , July 26 and November 8, 2024.


Mahershala Ali junto a Kevin Feige. (IMDb)

From the movies on the way to him MCU, the one with the most defined shape is Blade. The reboot of the character he knew how to play Wesley Snipes in the 90’s it already has its chosen protagonist. Is about Mahershala Ali, one of the fastest growing players in recent years, two-time winner of the Oscar. The appearance of vampires could occur in Moon Knight, although it is not yet clear how they will be featured in the franchise.

Fantastic 4

fantastic four fantastic four marvel mcu

Chris Evans was one of the Fantastic 4 before he was Steve Rogers. (IMDb)

The third may be the charm. After two unsuccessful attempts, one with better reception than the other, Fantastic 4 they are ready to return to the big screen. It will be from the hand of Jon Watts, the director behind the movies of Spider-Man from Tom Holland. It is not known who the protagonists will be, and although some fans dreamed of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt What Reed Richards and Sue Storm, this was denied by the protagonist of Jungle Cruise.

The appearance of the mutants

deadpool ryan reynolds mcu marvel

The third Deadpool movie will be written by those responsible for Bob’s Burgers. (IMDb)

One of the great promises of Kevin Feige since Disney absorbed 20th Century Fox was the appearance of mutants. In the 2000s, X-Men They finished positioning the superhero genre with a great movie in a franchise that went flat from premiere to premiere. Now, the followers of MCU They hope to see what will be the first fiction in the saga to present a mutant that opens the doors for the appearance of los X-Men on the MCU with a solo movie. In this sense, Deadpool 3 it could be a great opportunity to connect all the loose ends.

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