MARVEL Daredevil Review # 20. The Battle Against Knull Continues

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Twenty deliveries of Daredevil Since Chip Zdarsky’s stage began and in Cinemascomics we have not missed a single month to meet with one of the best Marvel series of the moment. Panini Comics publishes the second and last tie-in of the collection with the Rey de Negro event.

What do you believe in?

The human being has been holding on to their beliefs since the beginning of time. To multiple mythological deities or to more tangible elements, such as images, totems or the empirical sciences. Practically all of us need to hold on to something at some point in our lives and it is known that Matthew Murdock / Daredevil professes the Catholic religion, serving as a beacon in the darkest moments of his existence. Knull has taken over his body through one of his many symbiotes, but Matt’s mind resists, backed by unwavering faith.

The strength of a chain is measured by its weakest link, but the determination of a person who is being dominated by an extraterrestrial entity is also fed back from those around him and are willing to take that definitive step that can be resisted. A simple glance is often enough to know the intentions of the other, to find an affirmative or negative answer and thus be able to act. The secondary characters that Chip Zdarsky is introducing us to go beyond complementing the story, they come to life, are relevant and enrich the narrative. Not only do we find Matt bearing the greatest burden, we see how the other two lines in this chronicle, the one starring Wilson Fisk and the one by Elektra Natchios, have their own entity and help us better understand certain motivations.

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The most humane Kingpin

Fisk’s work at the helm of the Mayor of New York is, of course, far from clean. He exercises a legitimate position of power from which he perpetuates certainly illicit activities. That does not fool him from showing loyalty to those who serve him well, caring for the well-being of Typhoid Mary, a victim like Murdock of possession by a symbiote. You feel in debt and maybe something else. Typhoid, meanwhile, roams the city, staining her hands with innocent blood while becoming a difficult threat to tame. If he’s already a terrible rival per se, taking on Elektra in her Daredevil costume can be a tough nut to crack. And the new keeper of The kitchen of hell She is not fighting fully, she is very busy trying to protect a life, that of the teenage Alice.

As in the previous installment of Daredevil, Marco Checchetto and Mike Hawthorne divide the work by characters. While the Italian focuses all his pages on Elektra’s fight in the streets, the American deals with the parts about Murdock and Fisk. Hawthorne is a very good draftsman but we still have a bad taste in our mouths of not having seen Checchetto representing Matt’s duel against Knull. The strength of his scenes and the capacity and virtue for detail make me wish the collection would adapt its periodicity to its speed on the drawing board or even focus on alternating arches to maintain greater graphic coherence. It would be the ideal brooch for a collection that is standing out within the current publications of the Marvel Universe.

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Next month we will have the consequences of the Knull invasion where we will continue to enjoy the good work of the authors. A highly recommended reading of this stage, we continue tirelessly with that mantra. If you’re only going to read a Marvel comic this month and the next and the next… Daredevil is one of the options to consider. The other, of course, should be The Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing. But here we are very involved in the epic of Matthew Murdock so we are clear that we will continue betting on Zdarsky, at least until they give him an Eisner for this collection.

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