Marvel disappointment? Memes and fan reactions to the end of Hawkeye on Disney +

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Last Wednesday of Hawkeye on the streaming service Disney+, closing the ex-Avengers solo series as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Once again, the plot featured more shocking moments for viewers and big reveals, but there are still many doubts about the future. Did it convince its end? Check out how fans felt on social media!

This new MCU fiction introduced us to Clint Barton in the middle of a vacation on Christmas Eve, but his past is present and he must resolve some issues before returning home. The episode of the day was called “So this is Christmas” and featured the following synopsis: “Clint and Kate’s partnership is put to the test as they face the consequences of exposing the conspiracy”.

It was the longest chapter so far, just over an hour long, which began with the expected arrival of Kingpin, played once again by Vincent D’Onofrio. Without wasting time we found out that Eleanor She was linked to him all the time and was responsible for the death of Armand Duquesne III, framed her fiancĂ© Jack and hired people to eliminate Hawkeye, and thus leave her daughter alone. We know all this thanks to Yelena, who will have his share later.

Maya lopez is at a crossroads because of what happened with his father and now Wilson Fisk He acknowledges that he is against him, but first he must deal with Eleanor, who wants to leave behind the agreements they had made. That is why Kate and Clint They head to the party at Rockefeller Plaza to rescue her, but things spiral out of control when the mob shows up, just like it does. Yelena to kill Barton.

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In the end, Natasha Romanoff’s sister comes to her senses and discovers that Hawkeye he had not been responsible for his sister’s death. After a fight with Bishop, Kingpin manages to escape, but meets Maya pointing a gun at him and a shot is heard, although we do not see that he has died and it is still unknown if it was the last of the character in the MCU. By last, Kate takes his mother to jail and leaves with Clint to spend Christmas. The post-credits scene showed us the musical from episode 1 and there was nothing else regarding the future. How did the fans experience it?

+ Memes and reactions to the end of Hawkeye

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