Marvel discovers who is the greatest Spider-Man villain in the comics: will we see him in the MCU?

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Spider-Man is, surely, the most famous character of Marvel; and a superhero of such magnitude needs an antagonist to match. And by villains it will not be. Spider-Man comics have always been characterized by having some of the most charismatic enemies and powerful Marvel Comics, some of them as well known and, in turn, twisted as the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Kingpin, The requirements, Venom, Mysterio or, more recently, the vampire Seascape. Now, and thanks to the latest issue of the comic series Sinister War, we know the Spider-Man’s greatest villain in Marvel Comics.

Sinister War spoilers below

This is how the medium collects it Screen Rant, confirming that Spidey’s greatest enemy of all time is none other than Mefisto. Yes, the famous and demonic Mephisto who is giving so much to talk about among UCM fans for his desired landing in the movies and series from Marvel Studios; and it is that everyone thinks they have seen Mephisto at some time or place. And it is precisely his power of manipulate the threads from the shadows which leads him to be considered the greatest enemy of Spider-Man.

Apparently, Mephisto was directly responsible for the creation of the Green Goblin, one of the enemies that caused the most headaches to the wall-crawler and responsible for the painful deaths for Peter Parker. And it is that the number 4 of Sinister War ends with Mephisto warning Doctor Strange that the worst for spider-man is yet to come with the final showdown with the terrifying and sinister Kindred.

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Furthermore, Mephisto mourns the loss of all the souls that he could have obtained through Kindred himself, the mysterious arachnid totem. All this as a prelude to the revelation of the episodes forgotten by Spider-Man himself as a result of the famous and controversial “mefistazo” of the comic One more day.

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