Marvel fans pay tribute to Stan Lee on his birthday

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Stan Lee left us in November 2018. Since then, Marvel fans around the world have paid their particular tribute. On December 28, I would have turned 99, a special date for those who have grown up (and enjoy) with the house of ideas in any of the media where it has a presence.

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Joy Bhattacharjya posted a curious story on Twitter: “On the 99th anniversary of the birth of Stan Lee, the man who created (literally) Marvel’s pantheon of superheroes, it is worth remembering that he wanted to quit publishing when he was at the thirty. And editor Martin Goodman made him an intriguing offer, “he concludes.

Stan Lee, a career that was born by chance

And is that Stanley Martin Lieber (New York, 1922), as she was called, found in her cousin’s husband the beginning of her impressive career. Martin Goodman ran the Timely Comics publishing house, a company that was not going through its prime. After World War II and the success of DC Comics, Goodman asked Stan Lee to create a superhero series with the collaboration of Jack Kirby, a cartoonist with whom he had already worked in the past. Together they gave birth to heroes like Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Darevedil and The Fantastic Four, among others.

At that stage there was a young cartoonist who will sound familiar to many: Steve Ditko. With Lee at the helm, the so-called “Marvel Era” began as a reference to comics in the 1960s. The rest is history.

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Lee himself was really proud of where the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the most ambitious leap into film that any publisher has ever made. So much so that there have been few cameos he has made in the movies. The last time we saw him it coincided with the launch of Captain Marvel. The memory that Stan Lee has left on the planet is indelible.

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