Marvel Future Revolution, the long-awaited mobile crossover, already has a release date

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Marvel Future Revolution, the long-awaited crossover of Marvel in charge of Netmarble for iOS and Android mobiles, it already has a release date. So much so, that this new open-world action RPG will be available next September 30th; and to celebrate the news, those responsible have already enabled the pre-registration through its official website, also announcing the extras and rewards for signing up before anyone else with exclusive costumes for various superheroes.

Marvel Future Revolution arrives in the fall

Taking advantage of the announcement of the video game’s release date on both the AppStore and Google Play, Marvel Entertainment has shared a streaming on video longer than 50 minutes that you can see below detailing the main characteristics of a game that will bet on several multiplayer modes, both cooperative and competitive, in addition to a solo mode.

Players will have access to eight superheroes different from the Marvel universe, such as Spider-Man, Black Widow, Storm, Iron Man, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Captain America, all of them with abilities to improve and costumes to unlock. In addition, its creators ensure that they will add more characters, costumes and levels over time through new updates.

Among the most striking game modes we find a PvP for up to 20 players Spread over 2 teams of 10, plus 4-person team modes against iconic Marvel villains, co-op to defend the innocent, co-op assaults and more. Along with the announcement, we have a brief plot synopsis: “Due to the Convergence, numerous dimensions have begun to merge on Earth. Because of this, some have disappeared, and the first engine of Convergence, the Vision Core, has been formed from the sacrifice of Vision … ”, we can read in its official description.

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Marvel Future Revolution will be available on September 30, 2021 as F2P.

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