Marvel: Kevin Feige talks about the Fantastic 4 project

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has many movies and series that are currently in production and filming. Recently, they share through Disney Plus the series of phase 4 as “WandaVision”, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and “Loki”.

On the other hand, films such as “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Thor Love and Thunder” are being shot. Finally, there are other films that are already looking for actors for their cast, such as the “Fantastic 4”.

Normally, we see that the directors of Marvel or of the same films share some details of the casting, but regarding the last mentioned film, Kevin Feige announces that there will be no news soon.

“I don’t think it’s soon,” Feige said in an interview with . “[Black Widow] it’s our first red carpet event in two years. We’ll see what happens with upcoming fan meetings and events where we can release more news. I hope sometime in the near future ”.

Rumors indicate that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt could take the roles of Reed and Sue Richards. The actress simply avoided answering about whether she had an approximation with the production company.

Marvel: how did Loki and Sylvie escape from Lamentis-1? [SPOILER]

Through Disney Plus, phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already being shared. The fourth episode of Loki left many with expectations about what is happening with the Agency of Temporal Variation (AVT) and what will happen to Thor’s brother after being “pruned” after learning the truth about the Guardians of Time. Before going over more details, you’d better read the following notice.

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The fourth chapter of Loki, Marvel’s exclusive series for Disney Plus, revealed how the God of Mischief and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) escaped the destruction of Lamentis-1. Let us remember that the AVT could not find them, because the variants are “invisible” when they alter the time before an imminent apocalypse, where everyone dies and it does not matter what you do in that timeline.

Almost near the end of Lamentis-1, Loki shows his feelings and seems to fall in love with Sylvie when the AVT detects a nexus event and thus opens a portal for the pair to escape.

How is it that Loki and Sylvie were able to create a recordable nexus event for the AVT if everything was going to disappear? There are still two episodes left for the series to conclude, but we can anticipate that -somehow- the emotional union of Loki and Sylvie could have made both of them survive Lamentis-1, because nothing would be so powerful for the AVT computers than the survival of one or two people to the apocalypse.

Probably, the sentimental union of both Loki means a forceful break to the Line of Temporal Variation for some reason that we will know in the future. There is the possibility that the Guardians of Time themselves have altered the AVT computers to find Loki and Sylvie, but it would be a matter of analyzing it with more data from the next episode.

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