Marvel Midnight Suns presentation trailer

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2K y Firaxis Games surprised locals and strangers at the last Gamescom by announcing Marvel Midnight Suns, a turn-based tactical RPG that brings the essence of Xcom to the universe of the superhero factory. The video game was announced with a teaser cinematic that did not teach much, although considering the trajectory of the developer, it was not very difficult to imagine where the shots were going to go.

Now, MRT presents you exclusively a new trailer that delves into both the story and the operation of combat and the adaptation made of the abilities of each of the characters. During the adventure we will have the possibility of driving up to 12 heroes, recruited by the Dr. Strange, to face the imminent threat posed by the awakening of Lilith, Mother of Demons.

The game is based on the nineties comic book series titled Midnight Sons, a crossover that embraces the supernatural side of Marvel and exploits characters like Blade, Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange or Morbius, among others.

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