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Marvel Mocks Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in Silver Surfer Preview

Marvel Mocks Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in Silver Surfer Preview

First appearing in “Fantastic Four” #211, Terrax the Tamer was brought to life by Marv Wolfman and John Byrne. Initially, the ruler of the planet Lanlak, he was selected by the powerful Galactus to become his new herald through the Power Cosmic. Terrax fulfilled this role with zeal, aiding Galactus in consuming numerous planets. However, his ambition and thirst for personal conquest led Galactus to revoke his powers. Over the years, Terrax has experienced death and resurrection multiple times and has even joined forces with the Silver Surfer and other former heralds in a monumental battle against Morg the Executioner.

In an exclusive preview of “Giant-Size Silver Surfer” #1 (by Mat Groom, Tommaso Bianchi, Andrew Dalhouse, and VC’s Joe Sabino), Terrax arrives on a new planet with intentions to conquer and enslave. Despite his grand entrance and declaration of being the former Herald of Galactus, the inhabitants of this world mistake him for the Silver Surfer. Terrax repeatedly tries to clarify his identity, asserting his might, but the confusion among the aliens persists. As he takes control of the planet, the final page captures him invoking a sense of foreboding by stating, “The universal hierarchy is about to change forever,” while activating a device designed to summon the Silver Surfer.

Source: Looper