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Marvel reveals how Kang would destroy the MCU in Phase 4

Kang the Conqueror has yet to appear in the MCU; However, the latest episode of the Loki series, exclusive to the Disney Plus platform, made reference to this powerful character as a variant of He Who Remains, the mastermind of the Agency of Temporal Variation. We only know that he will be responsible for the chaos in the multiversal war, but how is it that all the variants of Kang will come into action? Will they kill each other?

The best source for these cases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is comics. The path for its variants to dominate the movie multiverse has been laid out in Kang the Conqueror # 3, written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly with art by Charles the Great.

MARVEL | He Who Remains en Loki

The latest issue has demonstrated the chaotic nature of Kang’s time travel schemes, as it creates a null space in time in which Doctor Doom can attack. By killing the previous version of himself, Kang repeats the cycle and becomes that previous iteration. Similar to how He Who Remains allowed timelines to split and fracture, leading to an all-universe war, the miniseries has followed the results of Kang altering his own life story. As an unlimited number of Kang variants are let out into the nature of the multiverse, each one creates problems, spreading chaos like a pyramid scheme.

By fighting and killing their variants, they work together to manifest disorder and break reality as the Avengers know it. With so many rebellious Kangs, it is impossible for any hero to stop each one, even Kang himself struggles to overcome his alternate selves.

However, since the Fantastic Four appear in the issue, it would be unfair not to account for their absence in the current MCU. With Kang’s personal ties to the team, they are the most logical group of heroes who could prevent him from demolishing the multiverse.

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