Marvel: Robert Downey Jr. stopped following all his MCU teammates

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The actor who started the Marvel Cinematic Universe was Robert Downey Jr., who gave life to Iron Man in 2008 in a solo film. His last participation as Avenger was in “Avengers: Endgame.”

In this last production we saw that he was rescued from space by Captain Marvel and isolated himself to avoid exposing himself and orphaning his daughter. Basically, he no longer wished to be part of the team of heroes because he had been exposed to death.

However, he is one of the brightest minds on Earth, so he was recruited once again to be able to build a machine that can take the team of Avengers back in time and thus obtain the infinity gems.

Sadly, it was his last participation in the MCU, as he sacrificed himself by using the gems to eliminate Thanos’ army. Everything indicates that he will not return to the big screen as Tony Stark.

Recently, it was reported that Robert Downey Jr. had unfollowed his scenemates on Instagram. There has been speculation about a conflict with them but nothing could be further from the truth.

The actor only follows 43 profiles on this social network but on Twitter he still follows all the other Marvel actors.

Marvel: Alligator Loki makes his first appearance in the MCU and this is how his presence would be justified

The fourth episode of “Loki”, the Avengers phase 4 series, is now available on Disney Plus. Marvel fans were stunned, because the character does not have a comic origin. This does not mean that such a creation is possible, but it does leave a lot of ideas about Marvel’s plans to expand Phase 4.

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The introduction of Sylvie as Lady Loki, the female variant of the Asgardian god, laid the groundwork for the presentation of the many versions of Loki in the Marvel comics. The production pretty much put all the meat on the grill with Old Loki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, and the aforementioned Alligator Loki in the post-credit scene.

At first glance, Old Loki and Kid Loki are direct iterations of their comic book counterparts, while Boastful Loki and Alligator Loki appear to be more original renderings.

LOKI | Appearance of the variants

The inclusion of Alligator Loki is likely a nod to Loki’s propensity for shapeshifting, something audiences have seen him do in multiple MCU projects.

It could also be a sign of Loki’s relationship with Thor and even hint at an expansion of Thor’s characters. Recall that Loki, as narrated in Thor: Ragnarok, turned into a snake as part of a joke. Following this line, there is the possibility that -in the reality of Alligator Loki- the God of Mischief has transformed into a crocodile as part of a joke. What’s more, it may be that he got caught in that form as magical punishment for his pranks.

Perhaps Loki Alligator alludes to the story of Frog Thor in the comics, which involved Loki turning Thor into a frog. If Jane Foster will be the Goddess of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder, the appearance of Loki Alligator serves to refer to Throg and to account for the other versions of Thor.

Loki publishes new episodes on Wednesdays on Disney Plus.

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