Marvel shared new spots for Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Spider-Man: No Way Home It is, perhaps, the most hyped film in the history of cinema. Many of Spidey’s fans are waiting for the Spider-Verse to come true and Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield share screen. In this way, the three live action arachnids will make the fandom’s dream come true. The sequence is not confirmed yet, but we already know that the film will be about the multiverse and its consequences.

Marvel and Sony they shared new television spots that preview a bit of what we will see in the highly anticipated film directed by Jon Watts. So we see MJ question Peter’s decision that put the universe in danger: ask Strange to cast a spell to make people forget the secret identity of the hero previously revealed by Mysterio.

The keys to the new spots of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Another scene that was widely used to promote the film is the encounter he has against Octopus. Now, we can see how the villain throws Spider-Man and Peter uses his suit with “Spider legs” to get back into action. Ock tells his tentacles that “They have competition”. A nod to Stark technology that was not available in the Sam Raimi movies.

During an excerpt from a dialogue we can see Peter Parker visibly concerned that the multiverse “it is real”. Keep in mind that at least five villains from other realities reached the Marvel Cinematic Universe to fight with Spidey. In that sense, will the wall-crawler receive help from its other versions? One sequence shows MJ falling and the hand that reaches out to save her appears to be MJ’s. Andrew Garfield. Just like he tried to do with his girlfriend Gwen in the past …

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Finally, a character who appeared and surprised at the end of the previous installment of the franchise: J. Jonah Jameson. Using the humor that characterizes him, this controversial character who never accepted the status of Spider-Man’s hero, sees the Lizard and is encouraged to ask: “Is that a dinosaur?”. May the editor of the Daily Bugle never miss a wall-crawler movie!

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