Marvel shares teaser for the latest chapter of “Loki”

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There is less and less to know who is the powerful being that is hidden in the ‘end of time’. Marvel Studios put everything on hold at the end of chapter 5 of “Loki.” Both protagonists, Loki and Sylvie, accomplished the impossible: tame the mighty beast Alioth; in this way, they managed to open a portal to a dimension that no mortal has ever accessed.

To achieve this end, Classic Loki had to distract the beast by creating an exact copy of Asgard with his powers. Interestingly, it was revealed that all Lokis possess the same powers but that they discover them in different ways.

The god of deception learned in a matter of seconds learned to take control of Alioth’s mind. From there chapter 6 will start. The ultimate goal is to know the being that controls all the time.

Let’s remember that the members of TVA really are variants of the different timelines. Tomorrow at 3 a.m., the final episode of the series will premiere on the Disney Plus platform.

Through YouTube, Marvel Studios shared one of the latest teasers that is titled ‘Change’. “The ‘Loki’ series is about to change everything we know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” is the phrase that sums up the fans’ expectations.

Marvel prepares “new beginnings” in phase 4 according to Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige shared a few words regarding the development of phase 4 of the UCM with the portal : “To tell the truth, Phase Four was always about continuing in new ways and new beginnings, even with movies that are seemingly end stories, there are new beginnings within them and that was the most exciting thing for us about the opportunity to do. shows for Disney +, about all of us at Marvel Studios choosing to continue beyond Endgame and Far From Home and leave the Infinity Saga behind for a new beginning. “

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“That I think is what people will see in Phase Four, I hope he has made it. But now we are in the middle of that, so it remains to be seen, we do not take our foot off the gas, we do not take anything for granted and we all work very hard to comply, “he concluded.

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