Marvel Studios is already working on more animated series for Disney + after What If …?

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After the premiere of the animated series What If…? in Disney+ with its first episode dedicated Captain Carter, from Marvel Studios They have ensured that they are already working on “multiple animation projects” that are in various stages of development. This has been confirmed Brad Winderbaum, producer of the series and new head of streaming for Marvel Studios, in a recent interview with the outlet Variety.

They will maintain the same artistic style

“We have found that there are a lot of great avenues that you can explore with animation. Any project that we are going to create is going to be about something that needs to be animated so that the story can be told, ”says Winderbaum. And it is that the manager explains that the animation is perfect to show the appearances of actors and actresses ten years ago, to which we must add that some are no longer linked to the current UCM.

On the other hand, he assures that the next series of Marvel Studios will not be related to a certain premiere in cinemas to take advantage of the moment of popularity, but that they want explore more terrain that in live action they could not: “There is very little desire to take an intellectual property that is popular because we are going to release a film and make an animation series about it. We do not do it”.

Finally, the Winderbaum explains that at the moment there are no plans to make animated films, solo series, and that they hope to maintain a “unique aesthetic”For upcoming Marvel Studios animated adaptations. Even so, he does not rule out collaborations with Pixar O Disney for future productions. Recall that for now a second season of What If…? and the already announced I am Groot, although the latter will bet on a photorealistic animation.

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